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Is the Pandemic the Right Time for a Home Renovation?

As millions of people worldwide got stuck inside their houses for the better part of last year, what do they have to do but renovate their homes? They looked around their homes and realized that it’s what they have for the next year or so. Why not renovate it, then? Why not make it more comfortable and better suited for a life in quarantine and isolation?

In June 2020, surveys showed that there was a significant jump in the number of homeowners looking for general contractors and interior designers. In fact, Facebook and Instagram saw a major increase in profiles and groups dedicated to interior design. Even online home design platforms experienced a high demand for home renovation projects. If you’re one of those tinkering with the idea of a home renovation, don’t fret. You are not alone.

Is Today the Right Time?

There’s no time like the present to start a home renovation project. Although countries are starting to transition to a mask-less society, you still may not feel comfortable enough to start going out and meeting people once more. Give it a few more months, and you might be ready to venture out of your doorway. But while you are virtually stuck at home, what better way to spend your time than renovate the little things you want to improve in your house?

Taking Advantage of Cheaper Materials, Labor

Have you noticed the sale banners in hardware and home improvement stores? Even grocery stores give out coupons to shoppers in a bid to get them to buy. This is the best time for home improvement projects because the construction materials are cheaper. What are some of the things that you want to improve in your home? Most homeowners overlook their homes’ curbside appeal when changing the front door will be a huge step. You can find door suppliers who either customize doors or sell pre-made ones.

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Don’t Rush Into It

Here’s the good thing about home renovation: you can choose to hire a contractor or do it on your own. YouTube tutorials will guide you on different home remodeling projects such as changing the tiles, deep cleaning the bathroom, and putting a backsplash in the kitchen. The important thing to remember is not to rush it. Take your own sweet time in making home improvements. What’s the rush, anyway? Rushing into home renovation will only lead to mistakes.

Invest in Safety Measures

If you are going to hire a contractor, make sure that the workers are either vaccinated (they should show their card to you) or wearing masks. You need to protect your home and family. Oblige them to follow safety precautions when working in your house. That means wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), washing their hands regularly, and limiting physical and social interactions as much as possible.

Are you doing it by yourself or with your family? Then, make sure you have the right equipment such as a ladder, goggles, safety gloves, headgear, and more. While YouTube can teach you how to fix a leak on the roof, the tutorials might forget to mention you need a harness for the task.

Be Flexible

Because of the pandemic, there will be delays in your home improvement project. You should be okay with that. Localized lockdowns, people getting sick, and new restrictions might affect the timeline of your renovation project. Aside from the pandemic, other factors that can affect it are the amount of work that needs to be done and the new problems that might crop up when the renovation project starts.

Supply chains may also impact the timeline of the project. Some contractors have to wait for a long time for the deliveries of materials and components. Clients don’t usually understand that contractors, more than anyone else, hate delays, too.

Create a Detailed Plan

Just because you are in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you can accept substandard service. Create a detailed plan if you are doing the renovations on your own. If you’re hiring a contractor, demand to see the plan. For example, instead of saying they will paint the room, make them put into writing how many coats of paint will be used for the room. A detailed plan will also help create a more realistic timeline.

Sure, this isn’t the right time to spend your money on home renovations if you lost your job or had to close down a business. You have to wait to get back on your feet. But for those who have a bit of savings in the bank, take this time to reevaluate your living space. This might be the best opportunity you’ll get for now.

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