Bride and Maid of Honor

The Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor for the Bride

Weddings are events that people dream about in their respective lifetimes. It is not just the bride and groom who visualize the special occasion. Sometimes, best friends also participate in imagining the perfect wedding for each other. People often have their ideal Best Man or Maid of Honor in mind, even before they meet their groom or bride. Plans might already be in place because of the long-standing friendship and the importance of the event in a person’s life. When you find out that your best friend is about to get married, you can expect a phone call any time for the special announcement you already know is coming.

Being a Maid of Honor, in reality, has a massive role to play for the bride. While no one can take the spot away from you, the bride must know that she can rely on you. It is no longer a title but a duty for a beloved person in your life. Here are the roles and responsibilities you must accomplish as the Maid of Honor.

Handle the Bridesmaids Duties

Being the Maid of Honor is indeed an honor. Knowing that your best friend considers you as someone worth celebrating a life-changing event with is enough to make you feel fulfilled. But it does not mean you don’t have responsibilities to commit to during the wedding. Perhaps the most known role of a Maid of Honor is that the position has to take the lead among the bridesmaid. The bride’s entourage has responsibilities like handling the ring and other wedding items during the event.

The Maid of Honor must keep everyone in the team in line. Double-checking the dresses for each bridesmaid is the top priority. You must also prevent any unfriendly behavior from them during the event. Everyone in the entourage needs to be present for the photos, the reception, and other essential parts of the wedding. The bride already has a lot on her plate, making it necessary for you to handle all bridesmaid duties.

bride and bridesmaids

Host the Bachelorette Party

The Maid of Honor provides support for the bride in almost every area related to the wedding. Your role in the event is significant, but your loyalty alone is with your best friend. The wedding is the signal of her single life’s end, which means spending time with her might not be the same. It is a cycle of life as the bride spends more time with the husband.

The wedding remains a joyous occasion. Instead of sulking over the event, you can ensure that the bride gets to spend the remaining days of her single life the best way possible. Fortunately, you are in charge of the bridal shower or the bachelorette party, which is where you can get creative. Try to reserve a day and come up with a plan to celebrate with the bride and bridesmaid. The list of ideas is endless.

A hen’s night at a cruise can be the perfect sendoff for the bride. A wild party at your best friend’s favorite club could also be part of the program. Hosting the bachelorette party should be your primary task when taking on the role of Maid of Honor, something you should prioritize ahead of the wedding.

Assist on Wedding Details and Tasks

The bride and groom usually have to handle everything ahead of the wedding. Even with a wedding planner, the couple still has to perform many tasks. The months leading to the events will become exhausting. It is necessary to prevent themselves from getting overwhelmed, especially during the event. Time is no longer on their hands, and there might still be a few tasks that require attention. Those situations are where the Maid of Honor must step up.

The bride needs to prepare for the wedding. She is the star of the show, making it necessary to provide support. Should any problem involving other matters like catering or table assignments come up, you must prevent them from getting to your best friend. The only time that the bride gets up from the makeup chair is emergency-related solutions. You might have to exhaust yourself, but the sacrifice would be worth it when you see your glowing best friend walk down the altar.

It is an honor to receive the chance to become a Maid of Honor for someone. However, don’t think that it does not come with responsibilities. These roles are just a few on the list, making you as busy as the bride. The special occasion is something the both of you will cherish forever.


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