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Renovating Your Home to Get More Privacy

You’ve recently acquired a property with loads of space, sunlight streaming from the windows, a big backyard, and an open-plan layout. However, as much as you think it’s a steal for its price, you’re also concerned about the lack of privacy both in the yard and inside the house. That’s when you decided to renovate the home to add a bit more privacy, and to make it more secure as well.


For starters, you need to focus on the wall panels made of glass. Sure, they are nice to look at, but they don’t offer the privacy that you’re craving for. Flimsy curtains, drapes, or blinds won’t satisfy you. What you need is blackout window film for all the glass. You don’t have to take them out and install a concrete wall. That will affect the design of the house. Window film will help you retain the high-glass ceilings, windows, and sliding glass doors.


A lot of designers and homeowners want the open-floor layout because they make the home look bigger. They also create more space and lets you breathe easier. But not everyone is a fan of the open-plan layout. Even in offices, many have been turning their backs on this design. You can create moving or fixed partitions indoors. That will give you the privacy you need when you are working in the kitchen. An island between the kitchen and dining room is a great way to create private space, too.

Does the house have a loft? If it’s an open-type loft, which it probably is, turn it into a playroom and home office space. You can put up a low divider such as a cabinet, so you can watch over your kids from your home office while they play on the other side of the loft.


It’s nice to be friendly with neighbors, but you want your privacy, too. They should understand that you may want to put enclosures, fences, and even a semi-roof over your yard. If you live beside a high-rise building, a semi-roof will prevent people from the higher floors from peeking into your yard. Your roof should not affect the amount of sunlight that gets into your garden. A trellis-like roof, for example, will do wonders to create a private and still sunlight-filled yard.

A fence is your more likely ally if you want to make your yard private. Make sure you won’t encroach on your neighbor’s space. Also, warn your neighbors about your plan, so they don’t feel surprised if your contractor will suddenly build a fence between your properties. Tell them it’s for the kids and the pets, so they don’t go running to their properties and ruining their gardens.

You can do a lot when you enclose the yard. You can install an above-the-ground swimming pool. The kids will love the idea of a mini playground and sandbox. Once you have more privacy in the yard, it is easier to think of ways to entertain the kids and let them have fun outdoors.


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You want privacy for your family because of security concerns. The best way to address these fears is to put up security measures in your property. That means spending part of your renovating budget on security cameras, smart home systems, automated lighting, and the like. The security cameras alone will deter criminals and burglars from trying to get inside your property.

The automated lights will turn on when they detect movements in your yard while a smart home system will allow you to control the cameras, lights, and even sounds remotely. Sometimes, even a sign that says your home has a security system can stop criminals from trying to enter your home. Shop around for the best home security systems to make the most out of it.

Before deciding the best privacy options for your property, talk with the rest of the family. Redesigning a home isn’t temporary. You will have to live with the colors, themes, and layout for a long time. It’s important to hear what everyone has to say about it. Though you may be the deciding factor and the one who’s going to spend on the renovations, your kids are going to live there, too. Hear them out before going through your plans.

Lastly, home privacy is a personal matter. Don’t worry about what your neighbors may say about your need for too much privacy. It is your home. You have every right to take care of it the way you want to.

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