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Recommendable Plants to Spruce Up Large Spaces

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to lush trees and vibrant—it can be beaten. Adding any of these statement pieces can change the whole look and feel of any space instantly. Whether you’ve recently scored a great deal on a property with the help of real estate agents or have a vacant yard at home, adding plants and trees can instantly enhance a space’s style, value, and vibe.

Here are the best plants you should consider growing.

Rose Trees

There’s just something magical about roses, and adding these to any space is guaranteed to liven it up. Despite the rose’s intricate look, it’s relatively easy to plant and take care of. In fact, you can purchase roses in containers and place them anywhere on your property with ease. Besides accessibility, it’s suitable for a broad range of growing zones, doesn’t require much care, and minimal disease issues—making it an absolute dream to have at home. Make your home more radiant and intimate by planting a couple of rose trees around it.

Apple Trees

Although trees can be rewarding to grow and take care of, they can be challenging to grow, especially in a cold climate. However, if you’re looking to adorn your spaces with majestic trees, an apple tree is an excellent choice as they fare well in most weather, including winter. Besides adding more vibrancy to your property, it can also give you fresh apples to enjoy for years. Apple trees grow best in sandy soils and require weekly watering.

Evergreen Conifers

If you’re looking to add a ‘greener’ touch to your home, conifers are a perfect plant to surround your property with. These include pine, juniper, and cypress trees. You can add these indoors or outdoors, and they offer year-round interest, beauty, and structure wherever you place them. Evergreen conifers thrive best under the radiant sun and require weekly watering.


Edible Fig

Fig trees are highly prized in Mediterranean courtyards thanks to their massive sizes and delicious figs. These trees boast large and lobed leaves that cast a deep shade, making it an attractive piece to add to any land. Plus, they bear tasty fruits. You can also grow them indoors as they fare well in containers as long as you provide them with plenty of sunlight and water.

Bougainvillea Tree

Make any space naturally vibrant with this magnificent plant. The bougainvillea tree is an evergreen shrub that boasts tiny trumpet-shaped flowers growing in clusters of three and comes in an explosion of colours. It’s an eye-catching piece that can liven up any property. They thrive best in warm and sunny climates.


If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, planting this uniquely coloured and aromatic flowering plant is a great choice. You can plant Lavender in bare soil or in pots and baskets with access to full sunlight as it thrives best in it. Not only Lavender adds a unique charm to space, but they smell fantastic as well.

Adding greenery like the ones mentioned to your home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, is a trend that will never go out of style. These not only make spaces look, feel, and become more vibrant, but it can also promote better air quality—making your home fresher, environmentally-friendly, and timelessly elegant.

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