Tree and house full of snow

Practical Ways to Protect Your Patio in Winter

Your patio suffers a lot of abuse in winter. This makes it important to take measures to minimise the damage. You should not employ a trial and error approach regarding protecting your space against harsh winter weather. Such a move is likely to leave you exposed, which might mean losses, particularly if you have expensive fixtures on your patio. Fortunately, you can protect your patio in this season with a couple of straightforward maintenance tasks.

Keep Furniture Away

You should keep your furniture away for the season, irrespective of the material it is made of. If you have metal fixtures, particularly wrought iron fixtures, moisture can cause them to rust. If they are wooden, moisture can make them expand, which can cause warping and splitting. There is also a chance that they will rot. You ought to clean off your furniture prior to putting it away. In case you have powder-coated aluminium furniture, for instance, you should clean it and touch it up prior to storing it away

Fix the Cracks

If your patio is cracked, you should fix the cracks accordingly. Keeping the snow and ice away ensures that the cracks do not worsen. In case yours is a masonry patio, sealing it helps avoid ice damage. You ought to backfill the edges of your patio to prevent water from pooling. This helps prevent the pavers from lifting once the water freezes up.

Invest in a Patio Cover

Backyard patio with coverA covered patio offers benefits such as style and function. If you install a cover, you will not suffer the inconvenience of protecting your furniture against harsh weather. There are many options to choose from regarding patio covers. This gives you the opportunity to choose one according to your tastes and the general appearance of your home. Building one from scratch is also an option. For best results, you should entrust patio cover installation to the right specialists in Stratco patios in Brisbane.

Eradicate Snow and Debris

In case you have trees around your patio, they are likely to dirty the place with leaves and other debris. You should sweep off the leaves and debris before snow falls. Once leaves become frozen to the patio, they become a slipping hazard. They can also leave unsightly stains on your patio. If there is plenty of debris on the surface, you ought to use a high-powered nozzle to wash it off. If your yard contains porous rocks, be careful to remove snow regularly. Freezing and thawing can damage such rocks.

Protect Your Lights

Winter weather can limit the efficiency of your patio lighting fixtures. If you will be using them, you should protect them to guarantee their efficiency and avoid electrical accidents. It is advisable to secure them, cover the wiring, and install bulbs that are well suited for rain and snow.

You do not have to pack up your patio in winter. You can always prepare the place to ensure that you have a great outdoor experience, irrespective of the snow, whipping winds, and biting cold. If you lack a quality outdoor space, you should consult the right patio specialists.

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