Practical Car Accessories Worth Your Hard-earned Money

When someone buys a car, it becomes an essential part of their life since it allows them to go wherever and whenever they want. A car is so important that 92.5 percent of households in Australia have at least one car.

And to create a better driving experience, car owners purchase several car accessories. Some of them are marketed in a way that they’re difficult to resist. But truth be told, a car owner only needs few car accessories.

Drivers need to prioritize buying accessories that are useful to them to ensure that they get their hard-earned money’s worth. Below is a list of practical car accessories that may be essential for all car owners:

Security Devices

In 2020, 39,400 vehicle thefts occurred in Australia. Cars are common targets of theft and robbery since they can be sold at a high price. Or thieves can use stolen cars as their personal vehicles if they need to. There are also incidents where passers-by damage cars just for the sake of it. Some key in cars or blow their tires at an open parking lot. Thus, to protect your car, you need to buy security devices it.

Once you purchase your vehicle, consider immediately installing a dashcam in it. This gadget is essential as it can help you prove your innocence in case of an accident. It can also serve as your evidence to find someone who tries to damage your car.

Another car accessory to consider is a car tracking device. As its name suggests, this device informs you of your car’s whereabouts. This will be especially helpful if you let other members of your family use your vehicle. Some car tracking devices also have car crash detection systems that alert emergency services in case of collision.

Lastly, a steering wheel lock will also be a useful accessory to have. It’s another layer of protection from car theft. This will especially be helpful if you leave your car in a public parking lot. The lock may be bothersome sometimes since you have to unlock it every time you return to your car. But it’s a great way to hinder malicious parties from stealing your car.

Organizing Tools

You’ll also need to get organizing tools for your vehicle. A messy car can be inconvenient in many cases. For example, the clutter in your car can become a distraction when you drive. When you need to find something, you might have difficulty searching for it in your car. The mess can also be inconvenient for your passengers as the clutter can make them feel uncomfortable.

First, for the convenience of your passengers, consider getting a backseat organizer. You can use just one and place it behind the passenger’s seat. Or if you usually have many passengers at the back, you can also put one behind the driver’s seat. You can place small items in the organizer so that you or your passengers can easily find them. Some organizers also have sturdy trays on which your passengers can place their food to avoid making a mess while they eat.

A car trunk organizer will also be helpful. Most of the varieties are collapsible. So you can easily store it folded in your trunk if you don’t have anything to put in it. If you do use it, you can organize your car tools and other things.

Emergency Tools


The most important things you need to have in your car are those that can help you during an emergency. Most people don’t expect to encounter emergencies until they actually happen. And it’s always better to be prepared.

One gadget to consider is a vehicle escape tool. It is a handheld device that can help you and your passengers in different ways. For example, this device can be used to break a car window or windshield. It can also cut through a seat belt if the need arises.

You can also get a pair of tire traction mats. They can help you get out of sticky situations, figuratively and literally.

Another emergency accessory to have is a tire pressure gauge. It’s a handy accessory to have to ensure that your tires are in good condition. Also, checking the tire pressure regularly will help you address problems immediately and prevent any tire-related inconvenience during your trips.

When you buy car accessories, don’t fall for witty marketing ploys. Instead, analyze the practicality of the accessories you want to get to make sure that the money you spent on them will be worth it.

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