Porsche Suspension Components: How Do They Affect the Car’s Performance?

car suspension systemWhen your new Porsche is delivered, it is capable of optimal performance. Most owners, however, do not drive their cars at their full potential yet this is the ideal way to increase their speed. Driver education goes a long way in enabling you to harness the full potential of your Porsche.

It helps you improve your car handling skills and understand some of the hardware that affects its performance. One of the critical components a Porsche repair service in New York City will focus on to enhance your vehicle’s performance is its suspension system.

The suspension components, which come from the factory with your car, are a compromise between ride quality and handling. An upgrade of specific suspension components is hence essential to transform your vehicle into an optimally performing one while maintaining comfortable steering.

Here are some of the suspension system components which can be changed to boost a Porsche’s performance.

Springs and Torsion Bars

The torsion bars on your Porsche can be changed to larger ones in hollow and solid bar versions. The hollow version helps lessen the extra weight of using solid torsion bars.

The coil springs, on the other hand, can be upgraded into stiffer and shorter ones than the factory springs — these reduce your car’s lateral sway and manage weight transfer. They will also enhance the Porsche’s appearance by filling the gap between your tires and the fender.


These are also known as shock absorbers. They are crucial for the optimum handling of your vehicle on roads that are bumpy or have too many direction changes. The dampers for your car should match the springs for your suspension system to function as it should.

Correctly-matched and installed dampers will manage your car’s diagonal, longitudinal and lateral weight transfers and keep your tires in continuous contact with the road.

Suspension Bushings

Porsche manufacturers install rubber bushings in the sway bar mounting areas and suspension pivots. Your repair shop might recommend replacing these rubber bushings with others made of hard plastic.

Suspension Bushings

The plastic bushings enhance the functioning of your sway bar because of a reduced squirm in these bushings. You can also opt to eliminate some of the rubber bushings to improve the turning and handling of your car, although this might cause a small noise increase.

Anti-Sway Bars

These are also called anti-roll bars and attach to either side of your suspension arms. They offer varying resistance degrees to lateral weight transfer and body lean.

The attachment positions of your anti-sway bars can be changed to boost the stiffness of the bar diameter. You can also opt to install anti-sway bars of a larger diameter than the factory ones to increase your Porsche’s lateral stiffness.

There is no limit to the upgrades you can make to your Porsche’s suspension system to boost your driving experience. You should, however, ensure you work with a Porsche maintenance center rather than any auto repair and service shop. This way, you can guarantee that the parts used for the upgrades are all genuine Porsche parts.

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