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Organizing and Decluttering Tips for Your Home

Tired of all the clutter around your house? Decluttering can be extremely challenging, especially if you already have heaps of things that need to be sorted out and thrown away.  Tidying up can take time, but there are always ways to put things in order without you having to spend your entire day for this activity.

Below are some ways to organize and declutter your things in just a few minutes of your time.


Sort through all the clutter and see which things are no longer needed and which need to be kept. Put these things in separate boxes or areas in the house. Once you are done sorting, you may throw the things that no longer serve their purpose.

Sort again through all the things that you have salvaged. See which ones can be repurposed, can be given to neighbors, relatives, friends, or to charity. You may also want to sell some of those online. For the things that you still want to use, you can arrange them in cabinets or put them away in a box for future use.

Optimize Wall Space

If you only have a little room to store some of your things, you can use your walls as your space-saving section. Hang heavy-duty hooks and dangle some of your things there. In small kitchens, knives, pans, and other types of cookware can be kept in one place by hanging them on the walls or behind the doors.


Give life to new items that seem too old but still can be used. For instance, an old ladder can be used as a shelf for plants. Old indoor cabinets can be put outside and can be used to store certain things, such as your garden implements.

Ask Help

If there are too many things that need to be thrown away or if the mess is just too great for you to handle, you can hire the services of a house rubbish clearance company. They can help you get rid of all the things that you no longer need without you lifting a finger. These companies may perform the following for you:

  • Collect and dispose of all trash and wastes from inside your home. These can include the disposal of furniture and appliances that you no longer want to use and which you want to remove from your home.
  • Clean and free the garden, shed, and garage from all types of rubbish. These may include old and worn-out tires and fixtures that you want to get rid of but do not know where to put them. You can also ask them to remove and dispose of topsoil if you want.
  • Remove all scraps.
  • Get rid of hazardous chemicals.
  • Recycle wood, paper, cardboard, and many other things that can still be repurposed.

These companies can also perform small demolition jobs if there are structures that you want to be removed from your property. They can also offer digger and dumper hires when required.

There are so many things that a house clearance service can do for you. They are perfect to be hired in the following situations:

  • When you are relocating to a new house.
  • Clearing the house of a deceased family member.
  • Clearing the house from unwanted equipment, appliances, and fixtures.

Apart from that, they may also offer additional services, such as deep cleaning your home, probate evaluation, and relocating items to where you need them to be.

With all the different businesses offering house clearance, it can be hard to choose which service will fit your needs and budget. Make a little research about each company first before deciding on one. You can search them online through Google or Yell and see which ones offer the type of service you need. Asking friends and family for recommendations is also good. Make sure as well to hire only those that have a license to operate in your area. These professionals will know exactly how to handle your things and how to dispose of hazardous materials if there are any.

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Next Step

When your house is free from all types of clutter, it is now time for you to rearrange some furniture and appliances. Rearranging your things can help give your home a brand-new look. You may also want to create a system that will help you prevent too much clutter in the future. For instance, for incoming documents and papers, you can designate a spot where they will always be placed once they arrive. This way, you will have to deal with less clutter and will be able to find documents easily when you need them.

Keeping your things organized on a daily basis can help you avoid clutter. If it cannot be helped and you are too busy to clean the mess, hiring a professional to declutter your home once in a while can help.

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