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Old Doors and Outdated Windows: Do You Need a Replacement?

Windows and doors are essential elements of your home as they provide appeal, security, comfort, and savings on utility bills. Most homeowners in Kansas City think of a window or door replacement only after a dangerous break-in or a destructive hurricane.

Through time, your windows & doors accumulate cracks, gaps, and damages which make your house vulnerable to break-ins and susceptible to inconvenient weather conditions. When they give you these signs, you know it’s time to hire a contractor who would install new precision windows & doors' siding. Here are some reasons why you should include the replacement of your old windows and doors on your renovation checklist:

  • Prevent molds and water damages

Problematic windows and poor doors are not anymore capable of protecting your home from harsh external elements. They will allow moisture to find an easy entry to your house’s interior and will cause the formation of mold and other types of water damages. The sad thing is, you can not easily spot these issues because they often occur in hidden areas. The next thing you know, your case boards are already distorted or your family is exposed to serious respiratory complications. This will result in either high medical bills or costly repairs in the future.

  • Save on utility bills

About 10%-25% of your heating and cooling bill is caused by inefficient windows and doors. As they become outdated, they lose their airtight seal. So don’t put the blame on the unusually cold or extremely hot weather. Invest in a cost-effective method by replacing your drafty windows with efficient ones that can let the sunshine in during winter and secure the cold air from leaking in hot days.

  • Give your home a pleasing overall look and an additional comfort

Windows and doors complete the aesthetic requirement of your entire home. Stylish wall paint and extravagant timber flooring won’t give your home the appeal it deserves if you are still holding on to your warped windows and distorted doors. New windows also provide added comfort because they reduce noise and allows more natural lighting.

  • Prepare your home for extreme weather disasters

Flooding door damage

If you are living in an area prone to hurricanes and other severe weather phenomena, you should always prepare for the high possibility of damaged doors and broken windows. Your goal should be to ensure that your windows can remain stable during frequent downpours and your doors remain strong despite the strongest winds.

  • Give yourself peace of mind

You may not be a fan of beauty, but you definitely prioritize you and your family’s safety. Windows and doors can risk the security of your family and possessions. An inefficient door or a broken window will serve as an easy access point for determined burglars and thieves. When you have updated doors and windows you can sleep soundly at night knowing that they are more impenetrable. Also, you can enjoy the holiday in some far places without having to worry about criminals breaking into your home.

Choosing to replace your old doors and windows will not only save you from spending dollars in the future; it will also spare you from potential headaches and security threats at present.

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