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Office Doors: Maintenance and Décor

Setting up an office is a complicated task. You have to choose the right layout and suitable furniture pieces that boost productivity and workflow efficiency. You also need to select savvy office equipment and electronic devices that are essential for your specific operations.

Moreover, a well-designed office doesn’t only improve mood and looks pleasing to the eye but also leaves leaving a positive first impression on your clients, partners, and applicants. Your office doors serve as your inanimate representatives that do the first talking when someone enters your company.

It’s vital to exert effort in maintaining and decorating your doors. Here are some tips to help you:

Buy pieces of high quality

When it comes to purchasing doors, many opt for cheaper items to save. However, your goal of saving should not compromise durability and quality. Poorly made doors can be damaged easily, especially if they are made from corrosive materials.

For instance, if you’re opting for wooden doors, go for a more reliable and sturdy material. You can also explore other types of materials, such as steel, aluminum, and glass, which come at varying price point ranges. Having to buy replacements entails higher costs, and installing them again can be disruptive to regular business activities.

Repair as needed

It’s crucial not to postpone repairs. Check your doors for problems, such as scratches and dents. You should also inspect their components, such as doorknobs, pulls, and hinges, to see if they’re working well.

If they are broken, damaged, rusting, or simply not performing their functions well anymore, it may be time for a replacement. Accordingly, when it comes to commercial door hinges, there are different types available, such as a strap, flash, hospital, case, pivot, and ball bearing, so be sure to get one of the right specifications.

Spice up with accessories

Adding decorative accents can make your doors more appealing. They can also serve as door signs and plaques to direct guests and applicants to their designated rooms. They keep your workplace organized. Moreover, there’s a wide assortment of designs and materials to choose from, such as embossed, vinyl, metal, and many more.

You can also accessorize depending on the season. For instance, you can add wreaths during fall or Christmas greeting signs during winter. Also, linings and trimmings can deliver a sleek and put-together look.

Prioritize maintenance

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If your doors are made of timber, they require intensive maintenance to retain their aesthetic value. Be prepared for resealing, reapplying of chemical protective coatings, and several repairs. It’s a must to keep them dry to prevent termite infestations or erosion.

Moreover, for aluminum and steel doors, you can use powder coatings or special paints and resins to produce a long-lasting color that enhances your doors’ appearance. As for fiberglass doors, they need a good wiping once a day or at least a few times a week.

The Takeaway

Doors are the first objects that people notice when they enter an establishment. Therefore, if you want to make your workplace appealing, you should level up your maintenance routine and decorate periodically to improve aesthetics.

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