Money-saving Pointers for a Pre-wedding Party

Everybody knows that weddings can get expensive. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $26,000. But you don’t have to spend this much money on your pre-wedding party if you plan and follow these ten money-saving tips for your pre-wedding party.

You can still enjoy yourself without breaking your budget by following these simple steps:

1. Go Somewhere Else

If you plan to have your pre-wedding party in your own house or backyard, think again. You can save money by going somewhere else instead of hosting the party yourself.

For instance, you can hire a boat for a hen party; many cruises offer cost-effective deals that let you take your friends out for a day or night. The ship will cost less, and you don’t have to worry about the responsibilities of hosting a party. Don’t forget that you can also save money by choosing a boat with an open bar.

2. Cut Costs On Food And Drinks

The easiest way to cut costs on food and drinks for your guests is to ask everyone to bring their favourite dish along with them, whether it’s a savoury snack or even some home baking. Pick a menu that many people can contribute towards instead of spending more money on a buffet or catering service that only a few people will eat from.

3. Have A Pot Luck Dinner

A potluck dinner is another cost-effective way to feed your guests with tasty food and drinks. You can tell them to bring their plates, cutlery, glasses and anything else they’ll need for the evening, so you don’t have to purchase these items yourself. In return, they get an authentic dinner party experience without having the stress of preparing it themselves.

4. Keep It Casual

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Don’t spend all this time and money on a fancy dress party just before your wedding — it doesn’t make sense. Save money by asking everyone to wear casual clothes instead of hiring a fancy dress caterer or renting an expensive venue too formal for such a relaxed event.

5. Keep It Short

If you want to save money on food and drinks, it’s not worth hosting your pre-wedding party for long periods. A short party gives guests less time to eat and drink, which means you can cut costs without worrying about people getting too drunk or overeating. Plus, this will allow them enough time to arrive at the wedding site on time — no one wants to miss the ceremony.

6. Get Crafty

Instead of buying decorations and supplies from a store, try looking around your house for craft materials that you can use as decor for your party. You can even ask guests to bring craft supplies with them so everyone can get creative together. If you don’t have enough time for this, think about decorating the location where you’re holding your pre-wedding party instead of spending money on decorations from a store.

7. Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk saves you and your friend’s money because it means none of you will run out of supplies too quickly. Plus, you won’t need to spend as much every month. Ensure guests know what they need to bring ahead of time and encourage them not to buy individual drinks at the bar as this is an expensive way to drink alcohol.

8. Be Smart With Your Guest List

The more people you invite to your pre-wedding party, the more expensive food and drinks will be — it’s that simple. Save money by inviting only close friends and family members who can contribute towards the cost of the food unless they have particular dietary requirements. This will also allow you to cut costs on venue hire because there won’t be as many people attending the event.

9. Be Generous

If you want your friends and family to come when they can’t afford to bring their food or drink, consider being generous with them when it comes to hosting this party for them. You could ask everyone beforehand whether they would like to contribute towards the cost of food and drinks instead of spending a lot of money.

It’s up to you how much you want them to spend — remember that someone who makes less money than the rest might struggle with such an expense.

10. Share Your Surplus

If you still have party bags and surplus decorations after your pre-wedding party, make sure you share them amongst guests or give them away. You could even keep some for yourself as souvenirs from this unforgettable night. Don’t throw everything away just because it was used once — your friends and family will be grateful for their souvenirs, too.

Everyone will have a good time without breaking their budget if they attend your pre-wedding party using these ten money-saving ideas. By keeping it casual and short, you’re sure to save some money and the environment.

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