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Using Model Homes to Sell More Real Estate

Of course, it is harder to sell homes in tract or cookie-cutter housing because they all look the same. The only advantage of such real estate development is the lower price of the house and the easier way to get financing since most developers partner with banks and lending institutions. However, real estate agents often find it harder to sell such homes because they have a particular market—young families and busy urbanites who are hard at work, earning a little less than their parents at that age, and have a lot of demands.

These types of real estate developments get easier to sell because of model homes. These model homes have designs according to the specifications of the empty dwellings that will be turned over to the buyer. Model homes intend to attract more buyers, showing them the potential of what can be done to the house. For agents, showing model homes is a chance for them to get to know their clients, offer them help to find what they want, negotiate terms, and close the deal. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of the model home:

Offer Different Themes and Designs

Model homes are to be sold to buyers, too, so why not make a couple or more of them with different designs and themes? This way, they can cater to different tastes, too. For example, the first model home can be contemporary in its style; the following can be a bit more classic. Depending on the types of homes that are currently in development, an interior designer can create different themes and styles for each house.

You need, however, to choose a reputable supplier for the model home’s design. Remember that one of the most important things for a homebuyer is the kitchen and bathroom. For that, you need to call Serenity Kitchen and Bath for a one-stop shop for all the kitchen and bathroom features a house must-have.

Make Showings More Convenient

Open houses should be available outside regular working hours. If you end house tours at 5 PM, who will get the chance to see the homes? Potential buyers should squeeze in a tour of the model house after their working hours. You should also be available at lunchtime since some may use their lunch breaks for touring the house. Potential buyers should visit the model homes at their own convenience.

Two other things you can do is use a remote access system, which includes providing a safe passcode for potential buyers to enter the model home. This way, even without an actual agent present, anyone can see the amenities being offered in the housing units. This is a good way to cut costs because it is expensive to keep agents outside regular working hours. Also, agents can create a vlog of the house tour so that even potential buyers outside the state can “tour” the home remotely.

Generate Leads Online

With many industries, marketing to customers online is a surefire way to generate leads for your products or services. Real estate agents should join housing forums and many similar groups on social media. Doing so will give you a glimpse into the psyche of the customers. What are they looking for? What do they want? Will these demands change over time? You need to get your ears on the ground and make sure that you understand where they are coming from.

Communicate Continuously

Not that you have to be annoying, but you have to reach out to your customers again and again. Whether it’s emailing them about recent developments or showing them photos of the finished homes, it’s an excellent way to remind them that your properties should be an option at the very least. This will help keep the communication lines open, and you can gauge your customers’ interests based on whether or not they respond to your emails, for example.

If you are going to change your phone number or email, make sure they know about it, too. Ask them to update the contact information they have saved on their phones. You need to make them feel that they are welcome for another look or to inquire again.

Convenience, customized styling, top-notch designs, and continuous communication will enable you to bring your products forward. Marketing real estate properties has changed over the years, but this does not mean that there’s no easy way to attract customers to your products. Although the world of real estate and marketing have been revolutionized by technology and other developments in the marketing world, one thing rings true: customer service and satisfaction are still the most important.

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