Make a Splash: Taking Inspiration from Stunning Pools around the World

Building a pool at home is a good home improvement project. Aside from creating a communal space for leisure and fun, it improves your property’s resale value. But there are several factors that go into this project. The cost and timeline are major elements that need to be accounted for in the preparation stage. Otherwise, there are risks of unnecessary extensions and rising costs.

Make sure preparation goes more smoothly by finalizing the design before you begin. Most of the time, build projects take longer to finish because there is a lack of direction. Knowing how you want the final product to look is the key to making sure this project runs according to plan.

The Argument for Aboveground Pools

Typically, homeowners choose in-ground pools for their home improvement projects. Aboveground pools tend to have a bad reputation; with most people thinking of the plastic kind bought in hardware stores. But modern architects have transformed this type of pool.

The Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, for example, has multiple infinity pools. Some of these are built aboveground to better showcase the optical illusion created by the infinity design. Located in the jungle, the pools give guests stunning imagery made up of clean waters and the lush greenery of the topics. This is a beautiful example of how an aboveground pool can be transformed to look and feel more exotic and expensive.

The Appeal of Tiles

Although submerged in water, your pool’s flooring still plays a part in its visual appeal. An unattractive or plain floor lessens your pool’s appeal. There are several ways to create a beautiful and functional floor. From underwater murals to expertly laid out tile work, you have the option to choose what’s best for your pool.

The Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California has two pools that feature excellent tile work. The Roman Pool is an indoor pool that is styled after the Roman Baths. It uses a mosaic tiled pattern that reflects the rich Grecian and Roman histories. The Neptune Pool, the castle’s outdoor pool, is designed to look like a temple garden. The pool’s floor features a geometric tiled pattern that is reminiscent of Grecian urns. Both pools’ floors were created by skilled craftsmen who made sure each tile was laid out perfectly. If this seems too expensive, you have the option to use a well-designed pool liner. These are easily replaceable should you want to change design.

Pool with a viewThe Lovely Option of Landscaping

Some homeowners have taken on the natural swimming pool trend. Although this started decades ago, it recently saw a resurgence in popularity. Rather than the typical crystal blue of swimming pools, this design features green waters. This is caused by the natural building materials used to create it. With this design, you get a manmade pond that has all the features you would expect from a natural one.

There are different options for designing your pool. Aside from the structure itself, you can turn your focus towards its surroundings. Consider hiring a professional landscape artist to transform the area that surrounds your pool. Instead of a plain patch of grass or concrete, they can enhance it to create a truly unique space. What’s important is that you are happy with the final design before beginning the build.

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