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Lucrative Hobbies To Try

The pandemic has taught us that even the most stable jobs could crumble. People who relied on a single stream of income found it hard when this source was cut off. Some used up all their emergency funds. Others struggled to survive and cover all the daily expenses.

Adversity can teach people to be more resourceful and creative. Some people who have inner passions learned how to channel them out to earn. Hobbies that were only done during spare time became an instant source of income. Moving forward, what hobbies would still be lucrative even in the new normal? Here are some that you could try.


There is something about baked goods that people love. It may be the comfort that these delicious treats bring. It could also be the fusion of indulgence and nutrition. Selling your baked goods has a big earning potential. To help you make quality batches, you can have your oven cleaned by professionals. Having a clean oven is a good start to a baking business.

What is good about this business idea is the wide selection of recipes you can try. You can experiment with cookies, bread, pastries, and cakes. You can vary the flavors and ingredients, and even create some of your own. People from all walks of life can have access to your products. You can take advantage of social media platforms to sell your products.

Handmade Crafts

People are always on the lookout for novel items they can try. They want to veer away from big product names and try something more affordable. Consumers also want something creative or unique. If you are the kind of person that is good at making things with your hands, you have a spot in the commerce world.

Handmade products can be as varied as candles, soaps, small trinkets, home décor, or clothing. Find a category that you can specialize in. People will have a better recall of your business if they can associate it with a certain product. The best way to sell your goods is to post them on your Instagram or to have an Etsy store.



Can you express your thoughts well using pen and paper? Then you have found a hobby that can help you earn some extra income. You can start by having a blog about a particular niche. Make sure that this is something that you enjoy writing and is in the field of your expertise. You have to learn how to monetize your site. Commit to bringing fresh and rich content to your blog.

You may also opt for freelance writing if you want a more flexible schedule. Many clients need engaging content for their products and services. You could write guest blogs, product reviews, or website content, among many others.

Graphic Design

Ecommerce took over the retail industry. Companies need logos, packaging, banners, or infographics, among many things. You can offer your expertise as a freelancer to various entrepreneurs.

This will be easy for somebody if they have an eye for visual design. There are software available that can help you create flawless artwork.

People are also fond of personalized items. You can extend your skills in graphic design to T-shirt printing. You can also design for tote bags or even coffee mugs and other small items.


Do you have a knack for taking snapshots? You only need to find a niche that you would like to specialize in. You can focus on wedding photography or food photography, for instance. The first few clients that you can get are some closest friends that have trust in your services. From there, you can make a portfolio to show to more potential clients.

You can also use Instagram to monetize your photos. With the right shots, people may start to notice your skills and follow you. Brands will then want to take advantage of this huge following by collaborating with you. The key here is to have a specialization. This will help you establish your name and credibility.

Video Making

Vlogging has been circulating on YouTube for quite some time now. With the right content, you can make yourself go viral. The greater number of views, the greater ad revenue you can get. When you have a huge following, brands may get you to promote their products as you deliver your content.

What is great about having your YouTube channel is the chance to be an influencer. You can be an advocate of something that you believe in. You can also inspire others through what you share.

The list above contains only a few of the most lucrative hobbies. There are still so many interests that you can turn into a side hustle. The most important thing is to find something that you love doing.

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