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Lovely Additions to Your Home Exterior

Whether your home in Tampa is Mediterranean-style, contemporary, or a bungalow, you don’t want your home to look like the rest of the neighborhood. You’re looking for that extra oomph to your exterior that will set your home apart. From upgrading your landscape to installing a fence, there are many ways to enhance your curb appeal.

Add a fence.

Fences have been a long-time favorite of homeowners to add character and style to their homes. Not only are they attractive, but they also add privacy and protection to your home.

Whether you want a metal or wooden fence in Tampa, you need to consult professional fence installers on what kind of barrier goes best with the style of your home.

You also need to consider the maintenance of fences. A wooden wall needs to be repainted yearly to protect from rot, while an iron fence should be cleaned with soap and water every six months. You should also apply a thin layer of metal-grade wax, especially on areas exposed to vegetation and sprinklers.

When installing a fence, you should also make sure not to go beyond your lot to avoid disputes with your neighbor.

Upgrade your landscape.

Are there bald patches in your lawn? Are there not enough decorative plants to add variety to your landscape? Is the lighting terrible at night? Or maybe the walkway needs a little retouch. Consider talking to a landscaper to see how your view can be improved.

It’s also a good idea to browse the Internet or magazines for inspirations. Some homes add a fountain surrounded by a lovely garden. Some add landscaping stones to appropriate areas for aesthetic purposes. Lanterns or outdoor lights will also do wonders for your home, especially at night. If your garage door is visible, you should also see if it needs a paint job.

You should also see if any of your trees are overgrown or diseased. Thick trees need to be trimmed to keep it from blocking the view and causing damage to your home. You can also add more trees in bare areas.

Consider changing your door.

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A quick way to revamp your home exterior is to change your door. If you have a wooden door, consider switching to a metal one if it will add a nice contrast. Often, a simple paint job will do. Try to go for a color that contrasts with the rest of your home. If your home is painted white, a red door will add an interesting visual element and will draw attention.

If you feel like it will go well, consider repainting your window frames as well. Try to experiment, but carefully plan before you do anything because you don’t want your money and efforts to go to waste.

These simple ways can add personality and charm to your home to dazzle guests and passersby. There’s nothing compared to coming home to a house that you love, so carefully plan your upgrades and be willing to take risks.

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