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Loading and Unloading a Van: Safe and Efficient Practices

Engaging in proper van loading and unloading techniques will promote safety and efficiency for the entire operation. You can reduce accidents, save time and decrease other costs with better cargo handling. Cargo skates are simple machines that allow you to save on additional costs of labour and energy.

Adhere to Traffic Laws

Before any loading or unloading, look around the site around a van to ensure you are not violating any traffic laws. Consider whether there are double and single yellow lines, maximum loading times, and parking bays that require payment.

Employ Safe Technique

Prepare the area around the loading van before doing any lifting, loading and unloading. This includes identifying obstructions and potholes that may trip or delay the loading process. The loading site should remain clear of human and vehicular traffic. There should also be no electric cables or wires on the ground. In addition, a loading site on firm and level ground promotes greater safety in an operation.

Van Loading Basics

Be ready with a plan on the order for how items are to be loaded into a van. Ideally, a well-laid out plan means you are prepared to deal with problems that may arise and you will be able to save on time.

Make sure to wrap and pack fragile items, so they are provided with sufficient protection. These include delicate items like ceramics and glassware, as well as surfaces that may scratch without protection. Furniture and similar goods should be packed and secured well so drawers and doors do not open during transit. Their weight should be evenly balanced so the van remains stable and easy to drive throughout a trip.

Secure Truck Loads

Loads left unsecure in a truck can damage the cargo and make unloading difficult and even dangerous. Goods moving around in transit are risky for people in the cabin, as they can quickly move forward with sudden braking. If possible, loads should be secured against the front of the truck and possess a low centre of gravity. Cargo can be secured to the floor of the truck with a strap or a chain. This ensures it will not move around during transit.

men loading moving vanEquipment for Van Loading

Van Loading Ramps

Van loading ramps allow greater ease in bringing items into and out of the vehicle. They speed up these processes while continuing to provide smooth loading and unloading. In addition, loading ramps reduce the need for constant lifting and moving of objects. You face fewer risks of stooping or twisting when entering and exiting a van. Ramps can come in several forms, including spring-assisted folding ramps and lightweight aluminium ones.

Cargo Skates

You can also employ cargo skates and transport rollers for safer and more efficient loading and unloading. These skates are secure solutions for moving goods from one place to the next. Manual machines require little to no energy and maintenance costs normally associated with automatic machines. They also reduce the bulk of physical work required with loading and unloading.

Van loading and unloading will be safer and more efficient with proper handling and the right equipment.

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