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Keep Your Car Cool In The Heat

When it is blazing hot outside, you will want to take shelter in your car as quickly as possible when traveling. But when you leave it under the open sky, your vehicle will start heating up. It doesn’t help that the metal is very conductive of heat, and the glass allows the light to warm the interior.

To ensure that your car interior does not become an oven, here are a few tips that should help.

Install Some Tinting

One of the reasons why your car interior is heating up is because of the sun’s rays. Thermal energy enters your car by the sunlight heating the air inside your vehicle. It doesn’t help that the air does not disperse and stays in one place. This concentrates the heat.

To help reduce the heat, contact window tinting services in Phoenix, AZ and nearby areas to have a dark tint placed on your car windows. This prevents much of the light from coming in. This can cost you a bit of money, but it can be worth it if you live in a tropical area or somewhere the sun constantly shines.

Put Up Some Shades

Tinting might not be possible for some people. It can range from needing clear windows to drive properly or not being able to afford the tinting service. There is a cheaper alternative, though. You can buy some window shades. These are simple shades that can be set up and attached to the windows when you park.

They are mostly reflective and make the light go away from the inside of your car. It is not as effective as tinting because it still lets the light in and can warm the air a bit. But considering their price, you get what you pay for.


Park Your Car in the Shade

One of the best ways to keep your car from becoming an oven is to park it in the shade. This ensures that your vehicle is out of the direct sunlight. This doesn’t mean that the car won’t heat up, but it will happen much slower.

Instead of coming back to a blazing hot interior, you’ll only have to deal with some discomfort as the air conditioning kicks in.

Crack Open the Window

If you can be sure about the security of the area, then you should open the windows. The main reason for the heat inside your car is the air. The heated air staying inside your car makes the heat even worse. With fresher air coming in, the heat would not be as bad.

Cover the Seats and Dashboard

Besides the air, your seats and dashboard can absorb heat. This is especially when they are black. The result is that they radiate the heat they absorb. This makes the interior hotter and them very hot to the touch. Avoid this by covering them up with something and then taking off the covers when you are coming in.

This ensures that they are still comfortable to touch and sit on.

Keeping Cool

A hot car interior can be very uncomfortable. Plus, the heat can be bad for any occupants who are left inside. With the tips above, you will have a better way to control the interior temperature. This ensures that when you come back to your car, you won’t feel like you are being boiled alive.

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