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How Top Agents Successfully Market Their Real Estate Business

Marketing plays a crucial role in growing your real estate business. It is not enough that most home buyers rely on agents to buy their houses. With the amount of competition in the market it only makes sense that you take your marketing to the next level. But the question is, what strategies can help you reach the right audience?

Top real estate professionals make use of different strategies to promote their business. They take into consideration what homebuyers want. They also take into consideration the latest trends in the industry.

You too can get ahead of the competition by incorporating different marketing tactics. Here are some tried and tested real estate marketing strategies straight from the pros.

Take Advantage of Drone Photography

Photos are the first things home buyers look for when buying a property. Chances are, you’re already taking great images of the real estate you’re selling. But to take it one step further, invest in sweeping aerial shots of the property and the surrounding landscape.

You have the option to outsource the services of a commercial drone pilot. You can also buy one from an drone manufacturer from the U.S. You only need to get a drone license and insurance to start using this for your business.

You can use the perfect shots to increase the views of your listings. This can help you give buyers a better view while showing off nearby amenities and where the property is exactly located. You can even use this to create virtual tours which are a big hit these days.

Increase Online Visibility

You already have a working website, a blog, and your own social media pages. You may have email marketing campaigns and are using video marketing to your advantage. But like any other business, you can always use more online visibility.

The more visible your business is online, the more buyers you can reach. So, make sure you don’t take search engine optimization and search engine marketing for granted. The good news is, there are professionals outsourcing such services so you can focus on your business.

If you have a big enough budget, you can also consider investing in Google search ads. Your text ad will appear every time a user searches for a relevant keyword. This helps put your advertisement on top of the search engine results page, increasing your chances of boosting site traffic.

You can also consider hiring a social media manager to personally handle your social media campaigns. They can help you can boost your brand presence on Instagram, for instance, by using great real estate images and videos. Know that this platform is driving Gen Yers toward homeownership for the first time.

Advertise on Online Real Estate Marketplaces

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These days, a quick online research will lead you to many sites where properties are on the market for sale or for rent. There is no point in missing such an opportunity to advertise your real estate on these platforms. Buyers make use of online home listing apps and websites to search for their next home.

So, try to find the best real estate marketplaces online and start marketing your properties for sale. Use your great pictures to entice buyers to take interest in your properties. Use this opportunity to take buyers into virtual tours.

Use short, simple but concise descriptions to describe the best features of the property. Include the basic details and a creative description of the real estate. Don’t forget to include your call of action and your contact details.

Reach out to Past Clients

When was the last time you reached out to a former client? It is crucial that you build an ongoing relationship with your buyers. This will help you generate future leads and even acquire a repeat purchase.

Make it a point to follow up with your buyers. You can do this a few months after a successful sale. You can also reach out to past prospective clients who were unable to find a property to buy.

Ask how they are doing, if they need help with anything real estate-related and if they know someone who is interested in buying properties. Ask for referrals and who knows? You might get yourself a referral or a repeat client.

Consider an SMS Campaign Strategy

According to statistics, up to 98% of people would read an SMS. This is especially true if they are the ones who texted you first. Since it is still the most used messaging platform these days, it only makes sense to leverage SMS.

You can post advertisements, include your SMS in your signs, and tell them to text you for inquiries. You will then have to send a reply to the texts with photos, descriptions, and the location of your properties to entice them for an open house.

You have many tactics to explore when marketing real estate. All it takes is to check which ones will best suit your business. Consider the perks and drawbacks of each and you can more leads and sales in the near future.

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