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How to Throw a Successful Pool Party for the Kids

Summer’s here, and your kid and their friends want to use the pool for some summer fun. And why not? It will make your kid cool in their friends’ eyes, and you’ll also win the mom of the year award. Also, bring in their parents so that everyone can have some fun. You never know when climate change is going to show up its face and take all that warmth away.

But before sending out the invites, make sure that your pool deck overlay has a non-slip finish so that adults and kids won’t go skidding down the deck. There’s nothing like a poolside accident to dampen the whole party atmosphere. As the host of the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that the pool and the deck are equipped with safety and protective measures.

Set Some Ground Rules

Put up a poster that lists down the rules that you have for the pool party. These are the basics: Do not run around the deck; do not push each other into the pool; and heed the adults. Set some clear rules and make sure that everyone is in agreement with them. You should also invite someone who knows how to do CPR just in case an accident happens. Keep the phones nearby, too, so that you can call for help if you need to.

Choose a Theme

A theme party is more fun. Choose a theme that everyone will enjoy. How about a Hawaiian theme? You can decorate the pool area with luau and pom-poms, and coordinate the food, lights, décor, and games, too.

Make the Invitations Fun

Don’t just send a message on Facebook, asking the kids and their parents to join your property. Make an actual digital invite that has some fun wording and colors and send them out to your guests. From the invites themselves, your guests will already have an idea of how fun this pool party is going to be.

Buy Food and Drinks

Kids don’t need fancy appetizers and cocktails. All they want is fun food. So what exactly is fun food for the kids? Juice, hot dogs, pizza, and chips will make them happy. You can throw in some chicken nuggets, too. You can make your own or have the food delivered by your favorite fast-food restaurant. As for the parents, you can have fancier food choices such as those mini cucumber sandwiches, a tray of lasagna, and fresh fruits. Try to stay away from alcohol since you all need your wits with you when dealing with the kids.

Set up Water-related Activities

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Trust that the kids will eventually get bored of splashing around the water. They would want to do something else. To make their day more fun, set up water-related activities and games such as water balloons, squirt guns, sprinklers, hose fights, and a rubber duck derby.

It’s worth taking note again that a pool party for kids can’t be all fun. There has to be a level of safety measures in place because rowdy and playful kids are susceptible to accidents. If the rules of safety can’t be followed, don’t be afraid to cancel the party even if it’s on full-swing already.

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