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How to Take Care of Your Furnace

Are you looking for a reliable furnace installation in Salt Lake City? There are a number of providers you can find. Perhaps finding the right fit is straightforward, much less the installation part. But the most challenging part, what we mostly forget, is taking good care of our new furnace.

The less time you spend caring for it, the more you would shed money for repair. To help, see the tips below in how to maintain your furnace properly.

For Inspection

Checking the air filters.

It is standard that you do a monthly check on the air filter. You can clean the air filter as per manufacturer’s instruction, but if it is too dirty, a replacement should be bought. The more the filters are changed, the lower the chance that dirt would accumulate, which affects performance.

Inspecting the drive belt.

Look for cracks and areas that are frayed. The belts need to be adjusted from time to time. Replacement is also an option in severe cases. When replacing though, tension the belts, so they deflect about a half to a quarter of an inch.

Inspecting the burner flames.

If you see the burner flames as even and blue, then it is doing just fine. If you find it yellow, then the burner has already accumulated dirt. If there is a need to adjust the burner, it is better to seek a technician’s help.

Keeping a carbon monoxide detector.

When a furnace begins to fail, it leaks carbon monoxide. So, it is advisable you have a carbon monoxide detector. Place the detector for about 15 feet from the furnace so as to avoid false alarms.

man checking furnaceFor Cleaning

Cleaning and clearing the vents.

Heating vents should be cleaned before the colder season starts. Remove all vent covers from your floors and ceilings and start dusting off.

Vacuuming burner and blower cavities.

Vacuum the burners and blower cavities by using a drain line. Use a flashlight to see dusty areas. You can also lift the blower door to clean off the blower compartment.

Cleaning the blower.

Remove the blower or squirrel cage by unscrewing the bolts. Use a vacuum and a brush to dust off the blower blades. Be careful when cleaning as the wiring can be stressed and the counterweights can be thrown off balance.

Dusting off the pilot and the flame sensor.

Blow off the dust from the pilot using a drinking straw. If the pilot is dirty, the flame sensor will misread. As with the flame sensor, use emery cloth to remove residues that may prevent the furnace from lighting.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your furnace allows the machine to work properly and be in top shape for a long time. Most maintenance work can be done at home using the manufacturer’s guide, but there are some that need professional assistance.

Tasks such as tightening loose wirings, dusting off the hot surface igniter, replacing the air filter, oiling moving parts, and inspecting the gas connections are best left to the professionals.

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