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How to Make Cleanliness Fun for Kids

The importance of sanitation cannot be stressed enough. A healthy community is a strong and productive one, and diseases could compromise these traits. There are measures that you can take to combat the spread of germs and bacteria on a structural level. You need to think about the most populous areas, as these are where contagious sickness can spread quickly.

Educational institutions house many young children. As you can imagine, they are the ones who need more supervision. One thing that can help is wall cladding for schools, and this can be professionally done for you by companies such as Jemic Ltd. Dirt and grime carry all sorts of bacteria, and they tend to stick on rough and porous surfaces. They are difficult to clean out and most likely will leave a mark, unless you scrub them so hard like you are sanding away a layer of the surface.

Wall cladding puts on a protective layer that makes the surface smooth and resistant to water. This will make sure that substances will not stick to it easily and that cleaning will be a breeze. But aside from that, there is a myriad of ways you can help advocate health and cleanliness to the young ones. They tend to be stubborn sometimes, but with the right kind of prodding, you can make this enjoyable for them.

Singing While Washing Your Hands

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You have seen this all over. Washing your hands with soap and water should take about twice as long as the happy birthday song. While that in itself is already fun, it is an idea that can be personalized. After all, that is a song for a specific occasion. Many kids are into popular music. Surely, many of them would like to sing the choruses of their current favorite songs instead.

If you put up informational posters referencing the most popular songs of the moment along the school halls, they will take notice, and that will become the talk of the campus. This is what your aim is all along: to spread awareness. Just expect to hear a lot of singing in the washrooms from now on.

Fun Packaging

A lot of information is absorbed visually. If you need to provide packets of hand wipes or small bottles of sanitizers, some kids may just send those straight to their bags, never to be taken out again. This would render them useless. These are usually packaged to look like medical supplies, and this could be one reason they find them unattractive.

But with a little sprucing up of the packaging, they could become interesting. Adding a little splash of color here and there or a cartoon image could provide that eye-catching effect that you need.

Reserved Time for Cleanliness

Kids tend to dislike activities that are repetitive, and this sadly extends to proper hygiene. How many times do you ask yours to clean their teeth before they actually do it? Now, imagine what they are doing without you watching over them. Schools are considered their second home. It would be a good idea to implement a special time dedicated to cleanliness during the day. It would be very much like recess, except that it would be for cleaning themselves up.

As the numbers of bathrooms are limited, these could not accommodate all students at once, so the roll-out for this could be done by batches. But this would work best for schools that have bathrooms or washrooms in each classroom. That will save them more time, and the kids will be easier to manage.

Cleanliness leads to good health, and this is a message that should be pushed at an early age. It is also important for their social skills, as being presentable helps you interact with others better. This does not need to be boring, and there surely are ways to keep things interesting.

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