How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

As much as we love the summer season because we can get some much-needed sun and finally go to the beach, we dread the need to use our air-conditioning unit to cool our house. The alternative isn’t pretty, too. Sweltering inside the house because of the heat is just not how we want our summers to be. The only solution is to find a way to lower down the energy cost even when using the air-conditioning system.

If you live in Modesto, good air conditioning is a must during the summer season when it is hot and arid. Temperatures can go as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so an air-conditioning unit is a must for every home. But it is also during summer when most people fear seeing their electricity bills shoot up. What can you do about it?

Do a Home Audit

You need not call a professional for this. You can do a home energy audit yourself. Just go outside while the air-conditioning is turned on, run your hands along the windows and doors, and see if you can feel the cold air escaping. You need to stop these leaks by adding insulation around doors and the sides of the window.

Invest in an Upgraded Unit

Installing a new air conditioner unit

If you’re still using the same air-conditioning unit you had back in the 1990s, that might be the sole reason your energy bill is high. Consider investing in a new unit since the new ones have energy-efficiency features.

Turn It Off at Night

Air is cooler at night, so you can open the windows to let the breeze come in. Your body will also be comfortable with just the right amount of cool breeze. You’ll have a better sleep at night with the windows cracked open than an air-conditioning unit cranked down to the coolest temperature.

Set the Thermostat and the Timer

Put the thermostat in the area of your house that is cooler than most parts. If you put it next to a hot window, your air conditioner will kick in more often because it will think that the room is hot. Also, set it somewhere between 71 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Every degree that you can go without will help lower the energy bill. As a general rule, do not set the thermostat less than eight degrees below the outdoor temperature. If the temperature outside is 80 degrees, go only for 72 degrees.

You should also set the timer so that the thermostat will automatically turn off when it reaches the desired temperature. When the temperature inside the house increases once more, the thermostat should turn on automatically.

Keep the Unit Clean

Cleaning air conditioner system at home

So many people overlook the fact that the simplest way to lower the energy cost of your air-conditioning unit is to make sure that it is not working too hard to cool the room. The simple task of cleaning and replacing the filters will ensure that the unit will have an easier time with its task of cooling a room.

If you have more time and budget, seriously consider installing solar panels for your house. Solar panels work in the day to harness energy from the sun. In the evening, you can use this energy to power your air-conditioning unit and all the other appliances you have inside your house. This is a sure-fire way to lower your energy bills significantly.

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