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How to Keep Your Garage Safe for Your Children

As parents, our number one priority is the safety of our children. For sure, we’ve made a lot of places in our homes childproof to prevent accidents or injuries. But there might be some neglected areas of your home. The garage, for instance, is a place where accidents can happen in a blink of an eye. All the mechanical equipment, large storage boxes, and hazardous substances are dangerous for children.

In keeping your home safe for your kids, no room should be left untouched. Here’s how to make your garage safe:

Mind the garage door

Many homeowners (82%)  admit that they neglect to keep tabs on the maintenance and repair efforts for their garage door. But what they don’t realize is that most garage accidents and injuries are attributed to it. That’s why you need to keep your garage out of children’s reach. Even if you make the area off-limits, there’s a chance they’ll still wander around.

If your garage door is operated through remote control, make sure you always keep it out of your children’s reach. The fact that children are fascinated by buttons is an even stronger reason to do so. As an additional safety precaution, add sensors to your garage door. The function of these sensors is to prevent them from closing when they detect an object (or person) in their path. Make sure these sensors are working properly at all times.

Perform regular maintenance

No matter how much effort you put in childproofing your garage, they’re bound to suffer from wear and tear in the long run. You have to conduct regular inspection and maintenance efforts in your garage to make sure everything is working optimally.

Check for any breakage, leaks, cracks, dents, etc. Staying above your maintenance efforts will guarantee the safety of anyone who sets foot inside the garage. Remember that a sharp piece of wood or metal that isn’t fixed immediately can do a lot of harm.

Get rid of clutter

Clearing Garage

One of the most basic ways to keep your garage safe is to organize it. Many homeowners consider their garage as an additional storage space. So, it’s quite common to have a lot of junk and tools on every corner.

But this habit will make it easy for accidents to happen. Anyone can easily trip or stumble on these things. To prevent these incidents, you must organize your garage. Keep dangerous tools out of reach and create a proper place to store dangerous objects like your 12 volts DC fuel transfer pump, ladder, toolbox, etc.

It would be smart to put up storage racks to safely organize your things. That way, the ground and low areas are steered clear of hazardous objects.

Have a locked cabinet

Having a locked cabinet in your garage will give you a place to put all dangerous tools and chemicals. This will guarantee that your children will not be able to reach them.

Lock up all poisonous and hazardous substances such as pesticides, cleaning solutions, paint, etc. It would also be a good idea to put your tools, sharp objects, and other hazardous things in the cabinet.

The garage is one of the most dangerous areas in your home. It’s not only your children’s safety that is at risk but yours as well. Make sure you maintain a safe space in your garage at all times.

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