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How Much Would It Cost to Build a Garage This Year?

It costs an average of around $26,345 this year to build a two-car attached garage, while a single-door type may cost at least $7,500 on average. Different factors such as your location will determine the actual price.

If you live in Utah, the price of a new garage construction will depend on several factors such as the type of garage doors. Salt Lake City homeowners should expect to pay more for a detached garage than an attached one. However, a detached type would be a cost-efficient choice if you want to safeguard indoor air quality.

Pros and Cons

An attached garage is the better option for those with a limited budget because it is easier to add three walls to the outside space of your home, instead of building a new structure. You could also just install a roof as an open-air garage, but this is not recommended if you plan to use it as a storage space.

If you live in a place with seasonal weather, an open-type attachment would not be advisable as well. It costs at least $7,500 to build a single-car attached garage. Detached garages provide the best return on your investment if you turn it into a living space, but this may cost up to $20,000.

Still, a well-built detachment with living quarters could even be a better home improvement than a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Those who plan to sell their house may recover up to 84% of a garage construction project’s costs.

Choosing the Right Size

Size will be another factor for estimating your budget. It is obvious that a bigger one will cost more since it would take longer to finish and use more materials. An average car measures 14 feet in length, while trucks and SUVs measure 18 feet and 20–22 feet, respectively.

car entering through garage doorIt is better to add some space to move around inside especially in the event that you need to do some simple repairs. You should add at least four feet of space for keeping items such as tools and boxes. Those who like to tinker with cars should add around eight feet for workspaces.

Types of Materials

Once you choose a type of garage, the materials would then make the project more or less expensive. For walls, a low-cost option involves wood sheathing that is perfect for simple construction. Metal panels are for homeowners who also want to have a workspace.

Windows are a necessity if you wish to include a living or work space in the garage. Glass is the most common, but there are options including steel, wood, vinyl, as well as composite.

When choosing among different contractors, you should ask for multiple quotes to compare the best prices. One way to stick with your budget requires you to search for the materials by yourself, although you should already be familiar with picking the right ones. Consider a service provider that offers 24/7 service, since you would have to call them again for maintenance or repairs.

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