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How Content Creators Get the Best Out of Brand Sponsorship Contracts

In this age when everyone is practically a digital nomad, content is a super hot commodity. Today, most people would rather consume content from the Internet because there is little to no constraint on the information they can access. Most often than not, this information is presented to them in a more engaging manner in contrast with the conventional television or news broadcast.

That said, pursuing a career in the field of content creation is increasingly becoming a lucrative venture. Credential-wise, the barriers to entry to becoming a content creator are relatively low. With no bias against age or background, the online global village is rather welcoming of new faces, that is, if these new faces put out content with a wow factor that will keep their audiences coming back for more.

What this means for content creators like YouTubers, TikTok, and Instagram influencers is an inexhaustible urge to produce relevant and entertaining content, or else they will fade into the sophisticated search engine algorithms. Still, one proven way for content creators to publish quality content as they always have is through brand sponsorship. That they are paid to promote the use of a brand’s products and, in turn, the brand earns extra rep points from the creator’s audience has been a formula that worked for both parties.

If you are a budding content creator, landing your first sponsorship deal would be a dream. Although associating the word “sponsored” to your video is enough to make your day, you have to remember that there are more legal proceedings you need to undergo than you know. Here is a definitive guide on how you could navigate the contract for your first brand sponsorship deal:

Content Modalities

Sure, you already have a standard format and flow of how you create your videos and/or pictures on social media. Brands, on the other hand, should have already checked your content and figured your general image is a perfect fit for them before they even approached you. This does not necessarily mean they will go for how your videos will usually pan out or how you caption your image posts, though.

They might request you to provide some leeway for them to present their products or services in your channel in a manner they prefer. For instance, they might request for an entire segment in your video with your discussion about their brand, or they might want you to make a video solely to introduce their products, for example, with you using these in your daily routine or work. In the case of short-form content platforms like Instagram and TikTok, they might request you to make a specific number of posts with their preferred choice of catchphrases and hashtags you can insert into your captions.

And so, you want these modalities specified in your contract. Also, make sure that the terms of the contract concisely stipulate matters such as the timing, graphic enhancements, the liberties you are given when discussing their products or services, as well as to which entities you will assign copyright rights.

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Payment Terms

Of course, you have to agree with the other party regarding how you will get paid. Will you be paid for every published post? Do they have milestones they want you to accomplish and only when you did you will get paid? Will you get paid only after you finished all the deliverables stated in the contract? Or, will you be paid based on how well your content performed in terms of viewership and conversion rates?

And so, how much will they pay you for your services? Make sure the schedule for you to send them invoices and for them to pay you are clearly stipulated in the contract. As a rule of thumb, you must receive your payment 30 days from the date indicated on the invoice.

Exclusivity and Termination Terms

Walking on eggshells is the last thing you want to feel while your deal is on with a brand partner. Make sure both parties clearly understand whether you are allowed to work with another brand while the contract is in effect. Also, in the event, either of you needs to terminate the contract, how long before the desired termination date must he inform the opposite party and whether an electronic mail notice will be honored.

Once all these terms are set, check with the brand’s representative if the contract may be signed electronically. Even so, you can print hard copies and sign these with a pen, and request a contract delivery courier service to send this to the representative’s office for these copies to be signed. Once returned, have it notarized by a lawyer, keep at least one copy with you, and send another to them. That way, you will be less susceptible to fraudulent deals.

Although having your first sponsor is considered a badge of honor that opens you to more opportunities such as the potential of amassing more fame and more brand sponsorship deals, you have to remember that you will have to assume more responsibility for your work from then on. Increased viewership means more eyes judging your every word and movement.

Although it is an intimidating path ahead, take this as a challenge for you to refine your processes so you could produce content that is more palatable to your target audience while building a wholesome community.

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