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Here’s how Play can Help Adults Thrive

You’d think that fun and play is only for kids, but here’s where you are actually wrong. People of all ages can definitely benefit from play, especially the ones who are mentally and physically challenged. Today, we will discuss how play can benefit your life as an adult.

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It Helps Relieve Stress

Play, no matter what form it comes in, can definitely alleviate stress in adults. With the everyday stuff that we have to deal with, we do not usually think of play as a necessity, but rather something that can be done only if we have that extra time.

However, you should always take your time to include play in your schedule, especially if you work in a high-stress environment. Play releases endorphins in your mind and body, which will automatically make you feel good even just after a few hours of playing. It can even temporarily relieve pain, whether physical or mental!

It Stimulates the Brain

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Play is especially important for the mentally challenged and older people. It stimulates the brain and boosts creativity, which is what people tend to lose as they grow older. You can try completing puzzles, playing chess or scrabble, and other activities that will make you think and stimulate the mind.

Dealing with such stimulants will help prevent memory problems, especially in older adults. Aside from stimulating the brain, play can also help keep stress and depression at bay, especially when you do it with your loved ones.

Strengthens Relationships

Play doesn’t always have to be complicated, as you can do it without exerting too much effort. Some activities would not even require you to get out of your chair, as playing with board games and solving puzzles are also considered as play.

These types of play will encourage you and your loved ones to laugh more, which can then foster feelings of trust, compassion, intimacy, and empathy. When you spend more time with your family and friends, you tend to strengthen your relationship with them.

It Teaches Cooperation

Play is important for both kids and adults, as this helps you build coordination and discipline. For example, play is extremely helpful for kids with learning disabilities, as this helps teach them important lessons that they normally would not be able to learn from school or even in therapy.

Thus, interactive toys will benefit them hugely. The same goes for older people, as we sometimes forget to apply some of these very important things to our lives. Not only will it improve your coordination, but it will also help build your discipline and social skills.

Play can come in a lot of different forms – as long as you enjoy doing it and you have fun while doing so, then you can consider that as play. Make sure to get the right tools and equipment while having fun so you can maximise play’s many benefits.

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