Divorce: the Heartbreaking Process

Not everything in life goes according to plan. Many things are beyond your control, regardless of how much effort and time you dedicate to improving or nurturing them. Unfortunately, some of those could affect valuable parts of your life. Your career and social situations provide you with uncontrollable environments, providing you with stressful events. However, none of them can compare to the heartbreaking scenario that you might encounter in your family.

You enter marriage full of hope that you and your partner can start a family and grow old together. Unfortunately, some couples end up having unpleasant and miserable experiences. Nobody wants to feel stuck in an unfavorable situation, leading to married people breaking up and starting over. Divorce in its entirety is a heartbreaking process that can catch you by surprise. However, you can identify the steps that lead to that stressful decision.

The Trigger

Weddings are celebrations of two people in love, making it one of the most memorable experiences in a person’s life. Those who manage to arrive at that stage expect to be together forever. However, it does not mean that marriage is an easy road. There are hardships, obstacles, struggles, and frustrations. Unfortunately, some married couples succumb to those problems. Countless arguments and fights fill the home, damaging relationships between partners, children, and sometimes respective families.

The marriage you believed was happy now feels miserable. Unfortunately, the collection of unpleasant moments can affect your entire perspective in life. Eventually, people crack when stuck in unfavorable situations. The trigger, whether it is the final argument or the collection of hurtful decisions from both sides, could jump-start the entire process of divorce. The initial stage is heartbreaking, but people have to decide for themselves. It boils down to the choice of staying in a miserable life or moving forward.

The Failed Attempts of Reconciliation

People approach divorce differently. Most couples accept that it is the only option. However, some might try to work things out. Usually, the reconciliation attempts stem from the couple’s responsibilities, such as providing for a child or starting a business together. Unfortunately, those reasons might be enough for broken married couples to stay together despite living in a lie. Some people genuinely try to make an effort to change for the better, which might involve actions like marriage counseling or displaying love and affection more often.

Attempts of reconciliation, however, rarely pans out. It might take years before people can forget about what their partners did for the past decade of their married lives. Despite their best efforts, partners might slip back to their past habits. Divorce might be out of the picture for a while. However, failed attempts of reconciliation could solidify the decision to go your separate ways. You and your partner gave it one more chance, and divorce might end up being the best option for both sides.

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The Heated Agreement

The decision to seek a divorce might be final, but it is far from over. The other side might want to continue fighting for the marriage, which could present problems. Both sides will lead separate lives, which means that all the shared assets and valuables can lead to heated debate. Unfortunately, this stage is where divorce can get emotionally devastating. Married couples tend to fight over which side gets more than the other, often bringing up the shortcomings and attacks on personal life.

This stage involves more heartbreak, especially when involving who gets child custody. The arguments could end up being emotionally and mentally draining, forcing you to give the other side what they want and escape the situation. However, letting go of everything you worked hard for should not be your only solution. To fight for your rights, you can hire a divorce lawyer to strengthen your case. Divorce can be messy and full of heated arguments. In the end, you and your former partner can reach an agreement that allows both of you to move forward.

The Long Conclusion

Divorce is a life-changing process. Even if you manage to accomplish everything necessary to separate from your partner, the psychological, mental, and physical scars remain in your life long-term. It might even take years before you can trust someone else again. There is no returning to the way things were before you got married, especially when you have to take care of a child.

However, divorce does give you a chance to start over and focus on yourself. In time, you can forget about the unfortunate chapter and forge a new path. The process might be heartbreaking, but divorce can be the ultimate step in the right direction.


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