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Going Eco-friendly with Your Business

Each year, the volume of municipal solid wastes has increased ever since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started collecting data over three decades ago. In 2018, this figure was nearly 300 million tons. While around 32 percent were recycled and composted, most of the waste have filled up landfills all over the United States.

If you’re a business owner, you can reduce this volume by going eco-friendly with your business. You can consider it a part of your corporate social responsibility, making your business appealing to environment-friendly consumers in the market.

Here are some things you can do to make your business eco-friendly

Go Digital

Around one billion trees worth of paper go to the trash annually in the United States. Every year, an average US household throws around 13,000 pieces of paper. Most of these are junk mail and packaging.

As a business, you can contribute to reducing the volume of paper wasted by going digital. Instead of sending newsletters and advertisements through regular mail, you can send them digitally. You can also have digital copies of everything from receipts to memos and other documents. Just make sure to have backup copies in case something happens to your main servers.

Going digital isn’t only good for the environment, but it also helps in the bottom line of the business since you’ll cut down on paper costs. So, something as simple as going digital is beneficial for both the environment and the business.

Watch Out for Leaks

Similar to homes, water leaks also cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Similarly, a running toilet can cost around 10,000 liters of water each month. And with drinking water becoming more precious due to the limited supply, you need to check for leaks in your business.

You may want to invest in low-flow toilets and waterless urinals. A rainwater collection system is also a good idea to reduce reliance on water from outside sources. Upgrading your equipment also allows you to save on water costs since newer models are designed to use lesser resources than older models.

Use Renewable Resources

Using renewable resources allows a business to reduce electricity costs. For small shops, using a solar panel may be suitable. They would also need a way to store electricity, which you can source from a reliable battery company. In addition to solar power, you may also want to consider using wind and geothermal energy.

Moreover, you can also reduce dependence on fossil fuels by getting hybrid company vehicles. Aside from cutting on fuel costs, you also reduce carbon emissions using these types of vehicles. Moreover, electric vehicles are getting better in terms of performance as technology continues to develop.

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Consider Using a Business Management System

A business management system (BMS) allows a computer to monitor and control the electrical and mechanical equipment of a building. This means it can control lighting, ventilation, and power systems in one location. The system provides a lot of benefits for the business.

The system can turn off lights and HVAC in areas where everyone left for the day. This can result in savings for the business. It can also identify equipment that may need maintenance. Moreover, the system can optimize comfort for occupants in the building by using a suitable setting for temperature, airflow, and humidity.

Offer Green Incentives

Your customers can also contribute to the eco-friendly approach of the business. For instance, a coffee shop can give discounts to customers who bring their own coffee cups. Groceries can also provide incentives to shoppers who bring reusable bags. These may be simple acts, but if you add them up, it will significantly impact the environment.

Going eco-friendly with your business offers a lot of benefits for you. Besides saving the environment for future generations, you also attract a new market that patronizes eco-friendly businesses.

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