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Get These 3 Types of Lifting Equipment for Your Projects

Whether you’re in the logistics, construction, mining, or similar businesses that require specialized lifting equipment, the fact is that you should have the essential tools and machinery. Heavy-duty lifting equipment and accessories will allow you to safely and efficiently handle all your lifting requirements onsite, so projects will go as smoothly as possible.

While there are reputable rigging companies in Tampa, Florida and other areas that you can hire to supply you with custom rigging set-ups for your project, you should still invest in lifting equipment and accessories for your operations. Simply put, a rigging company can provide you with the necessary equipment to complete your project efficiently.

Here are three of the essential lifting equipment and accessories that you should get for your company:


There are several types of cranes used in shipping ports, mines, logistics facilities, construction sites, and other areas where there are tons of lifting being performed on a regular basis. Without cranes, we won’t have high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, malls, bridges, elevated interchanges, and other things that we see around us.

Here are some of the crane types that you should consider buying, depending on your specific operational needs:

  • Crawler. Crawler cranes have tracks for a stable movement and ease of mobility. They are attached to an undercarriage and can carry loads when needed.
  • Tower. This crane type is placed on a slab made of concrete that serves as its base. With the mast and slewing unit attached, the tower crane can lift heavy loads to considerable heights with the added bonus of rotating itself whenever required.
  • All-terrain. An all-terrain crane can be mounted on a truck and transported to any site needed. It is favored for its ability to handle difficult terrains with its crab steering and all-wheel functionalities.
  • Telescopic. Telescopic cranes have booms with several tubes that are fitted much as a selfie stick does. These cranes can retract or extend to great lengths and are favored for projects that usually take several days or a few months at most.
  • Telehandler. This type of crane is like a telescopic boom and can be fitted with various attachments like winches, buckets, and others.
  • Mobile. Mobile cranes are perhaps the most portable type of crane that requires minimal to zero setting-up. They are controlled by a cable and are placed atop a crawler or carriers.



Forklifts are lifting equipment that can be seen in airports, warehouses, shipping ports, and many other places that do not require large equipment to lift cargoes. They are essentially small vehicles with forks so they are extremely mobile. If your thinking of buying a used forklift for your business in Australia, take note that it should be designed with operator safety, comfort, productivity, and efficiency in mind.

Lifting accessories

Lifting accessories should always be part of any fleet of lifting equipment. These accessories are used to secure loads and complement the functions of the lifting equipment to safely and efficiently lift, lower, or transfer loads from one point to another.

Some of the common lifting accessories include:

  • Slings
  • Ropes
  • Chains
  • Lifting frames
  • Eyebolts

With these essential pieces of lifting equipment and accessories, your daily operations and projects should run smoothly and safely for everyone on the site.

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