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Futuristic Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Look Like it Came Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

Contrary to what many sci-fi books and movies predicted, in 2020, cars do not fly. You are still driving on the road and, despite technological advances, humanity is still far from the world imagined by The Jetsons and Back to the Future.

If, however, you want to drive a car that looked like it came straight out of the future, you can make a few of these additions to your vehicle.

A Shiny Exterior

Giving your car a shiny exterior can make a lot of difference. If a fresh coat of paint is too boring for you, look into vinyl wraps.

Unlike paint, vinyl wraps are temporary. However, many car users prefer vinyl wraps over paints because the former is highly customizable. You can print any design you want on a vinyl wrap and stick it onto your car’s exterior. It also protects your more expensive paint job from scratches and damages. You can go to the nearest Mutoh dealers to talk about vinyl wrap designs you have in mind.

Adding glowing rims to your car will also make your car look futuristic. Even in a dark street in the middle of the night, your car will be visible to pedestrians and fellow drivers. Aside from being cool, it keeps you safe on the road.

Smart GPS

Many modern cars nowadays have their own screens which drivers can use to guide them toward their destination. Those who drive older vehicles can rely on their smartphone to point them in the right direction. Or, you can shell out a couple of dollars to get a stand-alone Smart GPS.

The Magellan Smart GPS is a pretty nifty device. It automatically connects to your smartphone to get your destination as soon as you are ready to drive and will send you weather and traffic updates, fuel prices in nearby gasoline stations, and best places to park. It also has a capacitive touch display.

A Smart GPS will not only be a helpful companion when you drive, but it also makes your older car look new and high-tech.

All-Seeing Cameras

dash camA dashcam is a must-have for every car nowadays. It records your journey so that, in case of an accident, you have proof that you are not at fault. It also deters thieves.

Although dashcams have come a long way, the technology still has limitations. It only captures the scene before it. Many drivers supplement the blindspot of dashcams by acquiring another camera for the rear side of the vehicle.

However, earlier this year, Garmin launched a new dashcam that can capture 360-degree video. In short, it can record the environment around it, not just what is on the front or back. It is an all-seeing eye that removes any blindspot that normal dashcams have. It ensures that you are safe wherever you are.

Heated Wiper Blades

If you have driven in winter, you know the struggle of having to deal with snow. Snow, unlike rain, does not just slide off of a surface. If snow falls on a car, you have to manually wipe it off so you are able to see through the front windshield.

Snow is inevitable during winter, but you can make your life easier. You can now get heated wiper blades that will melt snow and ice on contact. You never have to use a squeegee ever again.

While there are still no flying cars around, car technology have improved drastically over the years. These upgrades can make your vehicle, even if you are driving an old model, look futuristic.

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