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For Event Planners: Five Common Mistakes to Avoid

Identification badges play an important role in any organisation. They help differentiate employees from visitors, enhance professionalism, as well as serve as a marketing and networking tool. In any event, for example, properly designed badges help make your event run smoothly, thus leaving a huge impression on your company. However, it is possible to mess up the last minute due to a tight schedule as an event planner. This will result in poorly designed badges, which can be the onset of organisational failure. Before you make or buy name badges, keep these five common mistakes in mind and avoid them.

Overlooking quality

To ignore quality is a big mistake. The name badges that you buy are a representation of your brand as well as your event. If you opt for cheap, poor quality nametags, don’t expect a great organisational image. Associated with poor quality badges are numerous replacements during the event and unprofessionalism. For a successful event, opt for the highest quality material. After all, nametags are a small investment that can bring tremendous results.

Forgetting the font

It is common for event coordinators to forget to specify their font requirements. As a result, the designer will use any font, which might be unclear or too small. Always go for sizeable fonts that are readable from a distance of 15 feet. It should not be too large or fancy. Keep it simple, clear, and legible so that your attendees will not struggle to read out whom they are interacting with during the event.

Missed errors

The only way for badges to be useful is by ensuring that the information presented on them is accurate. Forgetting to double check the records before making an order is a huge mistake. It can be embarrassing to discover that you gave wrong information or misspelt a person’s name when your order arrives. Besides, the designing company has no idea about the spelling of someone’s name or their job position. Therefore, always verify the information before placing your order for processing.

Design mishaps

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Printing badges with poor design is another common mistake. Some of the design issues may include poor colour usage, poor text readability, and too much or insufficient information on the name tag. If you are lucky, your design company may notify you of these flaws while others may not. If you get such recommendations, it is best to heed them. On the same note, choose a reputable design company that is willing to protect your investment.

Failing to understand the purpose

Different types of badges are suitable for various functions. Before placing your order, find out their function or purpose to avoid buying unsuitable name badges. For instance, day-to-day use badges cannot be similar to those for a conference. By finding out the purpose, you can concisely portray the necessary information and tailor it to make the most significant impact.

Name badges are a small investment yet they have a massive impact on building your brand, especially during company events. Avoiding the above mistakes will help you make the most effective badges that will promote professionalism, marketing, networking, and most importantly, the success of your event.

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