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Five Things to Do in Auckland on a Weekend

Do you ever feel your weekends go by too quickly and it’s time to prepare for another Monday at the office? Kiwis don’t have the reputation for being stressed or overworked as other countries do, but if you don’t find time to fill your weekend with fresh and enjoyable experiences, it can seem shorter and less fulfilling.

Here are some ways you can maximize your days off.

Take a road trip

With no shortage of beautiful attractions drawing tourists throughout New Zealand, why not use the weekend to head somewhere different? It would be a good time to road test that car you bought from the local dealership some time back. Even a small car will be enough to take the family on an exciting road trip.

Venture outside of Auckland and you’ll get to explore more of our natural wonders and discover new experiences. Prepare a long playlist and bring some board games to keep the children busy. Look out for promising cafes along the way where you can grab a bite and some refreshments.

Go hiking and camping

In many countries, you may need more than a couple of days to enjoy the outdoors at a scenic location. That is not a problem for New Zealand residents as even major cities are just a short drive or ferry ride away from a suitable camping site or decent hiking trail.

Auckland is no exception. With plenty of volcanoes and rugged terrain nearby, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you look for places to tramp around. Day hikes are possible, leaving you an extra day to rest and recover.

Head to the beach

Beaches are another local feature that many Auckland natives can take for granted. The North Shore offers the calm waters of Takapuna Beach, which are perfect for families looking to hang out and enjoy some relaxed swimming sessions.

For the more adventurous, the rugged black sand of Kariotahi beach offers some off-road opportunities and activities such as paragliding and surfing. In between and all around, there are many other beaches accessible from Auckland where you can have a picnic, take a leisurely stroll, and get your tan on.

Shop at the Weekend Market

Instead of spending your time traveling to a new destination, sometimes you can let the adventure come to you. Here in Auckland, you can find several weekend markets offering a variety of fresh produce and snacks.

The City Farmer’s Market and Clevedon Village Farmer’s Market serve up country fare with produce from local growers. La Cigale French Farmer’s Market is where locals head for amazing bread, pastries, and French cheese. As a city dweller, this is a fantastic way to spend your day off while also stocking up on essential supplies for next week.

Try indoor sports

two hockey players on rink

The outdoors offers wonderful weekend experiences, but sometimes the weather does not cooperate. Indoor activities in Auckland do not have to be limited to watching movies.

Paradice at Botany Downs, for instance, is a facility where you can go ice skating or play ice hockey, tee off on a mini-golf course, or gather for a game of laser tag. Snowplanet in Silverdale lets you learn and practice your skills at an indoor ski slope. Indoor climbing halls, Go Karting, and many other activities are available for you to enjoy on a rainy weekend.

Wherever you end up going this weekend, have a blast! You will find that it may just feel a bit longer and more meaningful by the time Monday rolls around.

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