Streets of Beverly Hills, California

Five Most Affluent Communities in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to many A-list stars and famous personalities. The exclusive and luxurious area boasts of palatial homes, walkable neighborhoods and peaceful surroundings.

Here, you will find smart homes with modern and contemporary styles as well as houses with timeless and classic designs. Also, Beverly Hills spares no expense on wrought iron stair railings, doors, gates and even fireplace accessories. They hire the finest craftsmen for these detailed home embellishments.

Homeowners also bring in imported wood for their doors and expensive marble for their floors. If you want to have an idea where these mansions and palatial homes are, check out these exclusive neighborhoods.

Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles has become an iconic mark all over the world, associated with glamour, luxury and dream place. Celebrities, artists and various personalities choose to reside at Hollywood Hills. Known for its diverse residents, the Hollywood Hills neighborhood has mansions, small flats and bungalow houses, which typically have the design of Spanish and Mediterranean homes.


Bel-Air is a neighborhood located on the Westside of Los Angeles and in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. This neighborhood offers a perfect environment for nature-loving individuals and families. High profiles choose to reside in Bel-Air because of the privacy and beautiful scenery it offers. Bel-Air is located between Beverly Crest and Brentwood.

Playa Del Rey

Playa Del Rey, which literally means Beach of the King or King’s Beach, is a glamorous neighborhood bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Marina Del Rey and Ballona Creek. For people who are looking for a hillside community in Beverly Hills, Playa Del Rey is the place to be.

It is a coastal neighborhood for the free spirit and laidback individuals. This place will let people experience waking up to the sound of waves, having breakfast by the balcony overlooking the view of the beach all the while enjoying the fresh breeze of the sea.

Beverly Hills Flats

The Beverly Hills Flats or simply called The Flats is famous for its scenic 70-feet row of palm trees. This community is suitable for people who want to walk around, explore and stay outdoors because of the beautiful promenade. The community is home to many thriving artists and travelers.

An art fair is held twice a year every May and October where visitors interact with painters, sculptors, jewelers and artisans. It is located between Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevards.

Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates is known for the modern and opulent mansions in the community. Houses in this area usually have tall and wide gates and even grandiose staircases. Also located at the foot of Santa Monica, most homes in this neighborhood have swimming pools with the view of the wonderful hills.

Living in Beverly Hills is a dream come true for many. Owning a house here is not only a great investment but also a status symbol in its own right. If you cannot own a house here yet, but want to experience the luxury of living in Beverly Hills, you can rent out some of these mansions for an indefinite period.

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