Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment and Supplies You Need to be Always Ready

Fires are destructive, and they can destroy properties and lives in just a few minutes. Therefore, it is important to act immediately in case there is danger of fire spreading. Homes are required to have simple fire fighting equipment that can be operated by any member of the family, like a fire extinguisher. The same can be said for commercial properties.

There are many fire fighting tools for different setups. Here’s an overview of the different types of equipment and supplies available:

Fire Extinguisher

This is handy and convenient to keep at home or in the workplace. It is what you can use in case of a fire emergency, but you must also be aware of the dangers of its improper use. Fire extinguishers should never be used to force a door open or for hitting anything. It should be attached to the wall and must be checked monthly by a serviceman.

Modern fire extinguishers are made with specific content to deal with different fire cases. They may be filled with water additives, powder, carbon dioxide, or foam. When choosing a fire extinguisher, pick one that is best suited to fight fires that are common to develop in homes or businesses.

Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses

These let out a powerful stream of water to eliminate huge fire situations. These usually come in a fire hose reel that holds about 30 meters of tubing. This makes it easy to unravel the hose so that it can be used to put out a fire quickly. Fire brigades may also attach various nozzles at the end of the hose to fight different fire situations.

Fire hoses can also be attached to an ATV sprayer in case there is a need for it. These are the standard type of fire fighting equipment and effective in fighting even the largest fires.

Fire Buckets

This is the simplest type of firefighting equipment, but it has several purposes for different situations. A standard fire bucket has the word “Fire” on it and is made from metal or sturdy plastic. It may be used to carry water for putting out a fire, or it can also be filled with flame smothering materials.

Fire and Welding Blankets

Fire and welding blankets are utilized to smother small fires that may start at home or at the workplace. There are affordable fire blankets which is a good fit for a small kitchen. Larger fire blankets should be used for bigger workshop or restaurants.

Commercial kitchens keeping flammable liquids need bigger fire blankets. These blankets have tabs that can be pulled to open them quickly. Welding blankets are used by a welder for protection against sparks. These blankets can come in different sizes and weights.

It is important to have emergency fire equipment at home or in the workplace. But, it is equally important to have knowledge of how to use them. You never know when there will be a fire or accidents that may cause fires so having fire fighting equipment and supply on hand, plus some basic knowledge on how to operate them can save lives and property.

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