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Family Matters: Best Reasons to Go for Condo Living

The dream of starting a family isn’t complete without a house that has a big backyard. But for some people, the image of a ‘family-friendly’ home has changed completely. It no longer has a huge yard. It’s not in the suburbs anymore, as people are flocking to condos, like those found on thegrovebyrockwell.com. Here’s why they’re doing so and why you should consider it too.

More family time

Some condos are limited in space. At a glance, it seems like a disadvantage, as there’s less area to move around. But if you think about it, less space means less time spent on chores. The time you save from cleaning is the time you can spend with your kids. People who live in smaller homes tend to socialize more with loved ones, too. Without basements, attics, or game rooms to cave into, people are left with no choice but to stay in the living room where everyone is. So, if you want a home that encourages more family time, go for a condo.

Find a unit in a good location, one that’s near good schools, public transportation systems, and commercial establishments. Condos in Pasig, for instance, are in demand due to its proximity to the city’s amenities and conveniences. They are located at the heart of the metro, so everything’s within reach. You’ll be able to save time from the horrible traffic jams, too.

More play for the kids

Condo units may be limited in space, but they’re big on amenities. Such amenities offer opportunities for your kids to explore interests and hobbies. For instance, a shared facility in most complexes is a swimming pool. It’s easier to encourage your children than to exercise and learn how to swim since the pool is just a five-minute walk from your home.

In some cases, condo associations organize swimming programs during the summer. When your child sees that their neighbors are signing up, they’re more likely to join too. Another facility you can take advantage of is the play area. During weekends or after school, you can take the kids here, so they could enjoy their free time and meet friends. The good thing about these amenities is that they are right inside your complex, which means they’re not only accessible but also secured.

More savings

Financial security is every young couple’s priority when starting a family. You have a lot of expenses along the way, on the kids’ school, on their health, on their hobbies, etc. That’s why it makes sense to save as much as you can on your purchase and ownership of a home. Compared to homes in subdivisions, condos are much more affordable. But like traditional houses, you have a lot of loan options.

So, it’s a win-win right from the beginning. Once you get your unit, you can also save more on maintenance. As mentioned, since condo units are limited in space, you don’t consume as much electricity as you would in a traditional house. You also spend less on cleaning or repair materials. With all these, you’ll be able to put away more money for your child’s future.

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The Great Dream

The dream of owning a home and starting a family has changed over the years. Perhaps it’s time to change your perspective, too. Try condo living and see for yourself its many rewards.

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