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Covid-19: Redefining Human Frailty

The pandemic brought so much pain. The World Health Organization reported that over 4 million died because of Covid-19.  Many people lost their jobs. Economists stated that roughly 100 million people lost their job because of the pandemic.

The current financial situation made us reassess our retirement plans. If there is another lockdown mandate, can we keep our respective households afloat? On the other end of the spectrum, others say that investing during a bear market is an excellent idea. Experts say that it is not necessarily true.

Again, let us evaluate our current financial position. Do you think that you are vulnerable? If this is the case, you must find ways to secure your future. Here are some tips on what to do:


The land is the only long-term, tangible asset that does not depreciate. Investing in this means that you can bequeath your property to future generations. It can also give you passive income. But you might have some doubts about whether it is the right time to make such a huge purchase.

Reuters reported that mortgage rates continue to drop, so making this type of investment might be lucrative. You can use the income coming from the property to pay for the debt. But for this to happen, you must make improvements to the property. Not doing this will turn the real estate into an idle lot.

Whether you want to rent or resell the property, you must work on its curb appeal. If there are rotting trees, you must ask a tree surgeon to get rid of them. Attempting to do the work yourself can lead to costly repair jobs. It can even lead to injuries.

Another way to boost your property’s curb appeal is to freshen up the exterior color scheme. This time, you can do the work yourself. If you do the paint job, you can save money. If you plan things right, you can finish this task within one weekend.

Of course, you should not forget the condition of the building’s interiors. You must ensure that the structure is still safe. You can ask a professional to inspect the house’s form.

Emergency Fund

All of us were affected by the pandemic. Not only is it detrimental to our health, but it also brings so much economic suffering. Now that we see that our lives have somewhat returned to normal, we should reestablish our emergency fund.

Save enough cash to cover at least 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses. With the Delta and Lambda variant looming large, 10 Downing Street has not ruled out the possibility of imposing another lockdown among us. Your emergency fund can help lessen the adverse economic impact of this mandatory confinement.

You can choose to put your emergency fund in a regular bank account. Another option is for you to invest it in a short-term time deposit. The latter offers a slightly higher interest rate than the former. But the difference is small enough for you not to bother with such a scheme.


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Putting your money in insurance is another excellent idea. Considering what happened the past year, investing in this financial product will give us peace of mind. If things go awry, our loved ones will get some economic respite.

Purchasing additional insurance is necessary, especially if you have kids. Let us say that you are unable to work. Yes, your emergency funds might cover your daily expenses. But what about your mortgage and other financial obligations?

If you purchase an income protection plan, you can continue paying for your debts even if you are out of work. At the same time, you can still take care of your children’s daily needs. If you purchase life insurance, you know that your kids are financially taken care of even if you are not there.

Insurance coverage is a precautionary measure. It does not only protect your loved ones when you are gone. But it can take care of you too. Yes, you can rely on the government insurance system. But investing in a pension plan will ensure that you will enjoy your twilight years.

The pandemic taught us a lot about life. First, we learned that we should value our health – our physical body and our emotional well-being. It also showed us the importance of time. We only have one life, and we should make the most out of it.

We also saw our economic frailty. Most importantly, we are given a chance to rectify our mistakes. We must grab this opportunity to live life to the fullest.

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