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Charcoal Toothpastes May Damage, Instead of Whiten, Your Teeth

Dental experts have warned that trendy toothpaste that uses charcoal as one of the main ingredients are more likely to worsen the condition of your teeth instead of traditional toothpaste.

Potential Dangers of Using Charcoal Toothpastes

Activated charcoal can wear away the protective enamel layer of the teeth because it is too abrasive. Its dark debris can also leave unsightly grimes when not properly cleaned washed away. Unfortunately, the extra scrubbing required to remove traces of the black paste can damage the teeth’s enamel.

The small debris of charcoal may get stuck in fillings, veneers, and other dental restorations Over time, the accumulated bits of charcoal can make your teeth look worse, by leaving permanent stains in the dental restorations, unless this problem is immediately addressed by your dentist using new dental instruments.

Ingredients commonly added to conventional toothpaste to prevent tooth decay, such as fluoride, are also removed from charcoal toothpaste. There may be other ingredients that can replace fluoride but these are not as efficient when it comes to protecting your teeth.

Charcoal in Dental Hygiene Products

Many companies have been adding charcoal to their products for their supposed health benefits. Some of the claimed benefits of adding charcoal to food and cosmetics include preventing infections, eliminating toxins and making people healthier.

Charcoal toothpaste is supposed to help whiten the teeth. Companies promote them as better than conventional toothpaste when it comes to making teeth whiter, removing stains and preventing bad breath.

While charcoal may indeed have health benefits as they have been historically used to treat digestive problems and even used to treat poisoning, its benefits on dental health are unfounded.

Unproven Claims

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In a new study, dentists warned that the claims behind charcoal toothpaste are completely unproven. Besides that these products have not been scientifically shown to be effective, researchers warned that they may even speed up the development of tooth decay and an array of other dental problems.

The study strengthens the findings of earlier research published by the Journal of the American Dental Association. In the 2017 study that analyzed more than 100 articles of charcoal and charcoal-based toothpaste and powders, researchers found insufficient clinical and laboratory data that can support claims that these products are safe and effective. The researchers also warned dentists and patients to observe precaution when using them.

There are people in rural parts of the world that use charcoal as a rudimentary toothpaste to clean up their teeth but the substance may not be best for teeth whitening. According to researchers, bleaching agents are needed to have whitening and stain-removing effects. Charcoal pastes and powders do not usually include these important ingredients.

It may be a good idea to observe precaution when using trendy charcoal toothpaste. Studies have shown the instead of giving you sparkling white teeth, these products may have damaging effects on your dental health. The next time you are out shopping for dental products, make sure to choose those proven to be safe for your teeth. This may help save you a lot of trouble from having stained and damaged teeth.

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