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Celebrate Your Business for Surviving COVID-19: Corporate Event Ideas

Companies were gravely affected by the pandemic. Even big businesses have even gone bankrupt or shut down altogether. It’s truly terrifying to think that a company that took decades to grow can just crumble almost overnight. That’s why for small businesses and startups, the pandemic has been a nightmare.

Luckily though, many businesses still managed to push through, and some of those that went bankrupt didn’t plan to cease operations forever. If your business is among those who survived COVID-19, you deserve to celebrate.

With vaccinations rolling fast in the United States, you can organize an indoor event once more. Your team is surely brimming with excitement to enjoy events like normal again. However, you still have to observe the necessary precautions. After COVID-19 changed our lives abruptly, we can’t take any more chances of spreading a new kind of virus.

Virtual Events: A Pandemic-borne Trend That’s Here to Stay

Many companies, organizations, and groups of friends held virtual events in 2020, and they surprisingly enjoyed it. For that reason — and the fun twists and gimmicks invented for such events — virtual events will likely stay for the rest of 2021. But if 75% to 80% of America’s population is already vaccinated by the second quarter of 2021, the prevalence of virtual events may start to dwindle. As of now, nearly 50% of Americans already got their shots.

There has also been a rise of paid virtual events in 2020, and they’ll also carry on in 2021. Surveys have shown that attendees are willing to pay to partake in a quality virtual event. So if you have something grand to showcase, you can expect an influx of paying attendees for your company’s virtual event.

Hybrid Events: The New Normal Corporate Event

Since we can’t let our guards down yet, a hybrid event could be your best bet. As its name suggests, hybrid events are part in-person and part virtual. It’s a new trend that event planners are looking to boost.

If you have employees who aren’t vaccinated yet, you really should consider a hybrid event. Limit the in-person attendees to those who are already fully vaccinated. Then, grant virtual access to the rest. The setup may seem like too much work, but it’s easier to pull off than you think. It’s similar to online concerts or sporting events. A few people are in the venue, and a big screen is installed in front of the stage so that the virtual attendees can watch and participate in the event.

Hybrid events are usually more fun for the in-person attendees. But it doesn’t mean virtual attendees can’t have a good time. As long as you include engaging and interactive activities in your program, the virtual attendees can feel just as included as the in-person ones.

Small In-Person Events: Another Growing Trend

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If you are a small business with no more than 50 employees, you can hold a small in-person event. Again, do mind that you still have to observe health precautions. Even if your entire organization is already fully vaccinated, gathering in a room without masks is still discouraged.

Small in-person events allow you to choose a simple, inexpensive venue, such as a restaurant function room. But if you have more budget to spare and are particularly in a celebratory mood, you can level up your event by holding it at a special venue.  Some places for gatherings have enlisted the help of esteemed events center contractors to create uniquely designed spaces. You can pick incredible venues, such as conservatories or gardens. A conservatory allows an indoor-outdoor experience that many people seek in events. Garden venues, on the other hand, are peaceful and refreshing, especially for those who have been cooped up indoors for the entirety of the pandemic.

Team-building to Restore Your Organization’s Morale

Since the pandemic changed the world overnight, many people experienced financial and career problems in 2020 and until today. Even those who have been lucky to keep their jobs faced distress due to the uncertainties. Work-from-home turned out to be harder than everybody expected. With the lines between work and family time blurred, countless people fell into a routine of constant multitasking.

This has surely taken a toll on you and your employees. The morale of your team had likely decreased because of it. But that’s nothing a classic team-building event can’t fix.

Again, follow health protocols as you hold this event. If your desired venue limits the number of guests, consider holding it in a safe space in your office instead so that no one would be left out. Hold simpler but challenging group activities, such as escape room games, scavenger hunts, or even a classic round of tag. Even if you’re not in a different venue, your office will emit a whole different vibe because of your fun event.

Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic was no easy feat for businesses, so your team truly deserves to celebrate before this year ends. Don’t forget to acknowledge everyone’s strength, hard work, and perseverance when you hold the event. We can all use sincere praise after everything we’ve been through.

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