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Young Entrepreneur: Businesses You Can Start in Your 20s

Being in your 20s is like being in the middle. You are still considered young in terms of age, but you also feel old enough to make sound decisions. During this phase in your life, you are at your best, and this is also the perfect time for you to launch your own business. With proper guidance, adequate knowledge in your chosen industry, and sheer hard work, you’ll definitely be a successful young entrepreneur.

Computer Repair Service

Because of the ongoing pandemic, most businesses and jobs are now conducted over the internet. People are now relying on their gadgets to achieve their day-to-day activities, and the need for service people for electronics is in high demand more than ever. If you have the skills and knowledge to keep computers such as laptops and desktops up and running, this could be the best business venture for you.

A home-based computer repair business doesn’t necessarily require you to have a college degree in computer science. However, you need to be extremely familiar with cleaning, replacing hardware and software, repairing and removing malware or viruses.

Food-related Business

There will always be a demand for food, and this industry could be a great starting point for your business. There are tonnes of possibilities in the food business, and one of its many benefits is that you can run this type of business right at your home. You can learn how to bake, sell prepacked meals or consider a catering gig by cooking for a group of people now that small gatherings are slowly being allowed.

If you feel like culinary is not your forte, you can always make money out of fresh produce. If you are living senior citizens and in a vulnerable sector, you can consider grocery delivery services. Advertise your small business online and let them know that you can be a personal grocery shopper at an affordable price. There is also franchising which is good if you have high capital. You can tap on the common food trends nowadays and consider a smoothie franchise or milk tea franchise.

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Garage Car Wash Shop

A car wash business is a fun and interesting idea, especially if you are into anything vehicle-related. On top of it being like a hobby, you can also be sure that you’ll have potential clients because almost anyone near you owns a car that needs to be serviced. If you plan to open a car wash business, you can do it in your own garage to test the market and establish your brand. You can always rent out a bigger place once your business launches from the ground.

To start with, you need to check your competition in your area. Know the latest trends and technologies used in the industry and what you can offer that is not there yet. Do you want your business to be automatic, waterless, or self-serving? Or do you prefer to hire employees who would do the whole car wash themselves?

Once you have established that, the next thing you need to do is to purchase the basic car wash equipment. In general, you need to purchase a washing system like a mobile wash system, pressure washer, self-service equipment, and conveyor. You would also need chemicals like coat protectors, cleaning solutions, spot-free rinses, and wax. Additional pieces of equipment that you will need are:

  • Vacuum
  • blowers
  • dryers
  • compressor
  • pumps
  • brushes and towels
  • water heater
  • boilers
  • water filtration
  • extractor

Advertising Agency

If you have a background in communications and marketing, you could try opening an advertising agency. Currently, the United States has 14,000 registered advertising agencies that generated a total income of USD 45 billion in 2020 alone.

Many marketing agencies, especially start-ups, operate remotely, which means that you do not need to spend a huge sum of money for an on-site office. Basically, all you need to start this business is equipment like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or desktops and a stable and working internet connection.

You can contact fellow small business owners and offer your services to them. You would build a common ground since both of you are owners of a small-scale business. Once you have established your name, you can take on larger businesses transitioning their marketing strategies to online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

There is no right or wrong age when it comes to dreaming and making that dream a reality. All you need to do is continue improving your knowledge and surround yourself with positive influence to ensure that your business stays on track.


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