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Pointers for Building a Business Today

The act of mindfulness goes beyond meditation and self-help practices. One can apply being mindful to any field in their daily life and benefit from the positive effects that it can bring. But with the hustle and bustle of every day, taking a moment and paying close attention to what we do at work can be difficult, so it becomes easy to trade mindfulness for the familiar act of just powering through tasks. This could be caused by a misunderstanding of what “mindfulness” truly is.

According to the Merriam-Webster definition of the word, mindfulness means to be aware and sensible about a situation. In the context of business, this means that you have to be on top of everything at all times without losing your head once mistakes happen. In this article, you’ll see how being mindful can help build a business and, with just a good amount of elbow grease and luck, give it longevity. Get comfortable, and read on.

1. Mindfulness sharpens foresight.

Let’s paint a picture: two business owners are presented with an opportunity to grow their business by partnering with someone they have never heard of. Business Owner A jumps at the chance with no hesitation, but Owner B asks for a week to think things over for a bit. The latter’s choice is more mindful because they paused to think of what would happen if they took the chance instead of saying yes so quickly. How does this sharpen foresight?

Foresight is practiced when you consider all possible situations that could take place after a specific action is made. Considering potential outcomes can’t take place unless you give it a good mulling-over. Would it be good for the future, or would it end up costing more? Being mindful can encourage important “future-thinking,” which is useful to maintaining a business.

2. Being more aware fosters a better understanding of potential clients.

A common mistake many business owners commit is product-bombing an audience to improve their sales and engagement. Sometimes, more isn’t always better, and overwhelming possible clients could drive them away. Before deciding to show everyone all you’ve got, stop and think: what do they actually need? Being mindful can help business owners hone in on niche markets and communities that could actually help grow a business.

Mindfulness also plays a part in figuring out how a business can help improve a community. For example: a remote area won’t have as many facilities as a city does. Business owners that move to a quieter area could franchise and build on these areas according to what the people need. Opportunities for urgent care centers or even leisure spots are aplenty in smaller communities, and thinking more about them can help sustain a business.

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3. One learns to be more discerning.

Everyone who has been involved in a business (rookie or veteran) has had their fair share of encountering scammers. These are the kinds of people that pitch something that sounds too good and too smooth to be true, and they always are. Being mindful upon encountering these types can help one become more discerning of offers and “opportunities” that fall into their lap or their inbox. It trains someone to sniff out whether a deal smells fishy or not.

Being discerning is a learned talent that comes with time and practice. Being aware and sensible pays off big time in this field of work, and knowing when to say yes to a project takes more than a glance on the Internet. Verify sources of information, ask for other opinions, and weigh the choices presented. Stopping to think can make or break a business.

4. Mindfulness makes solving problems easier.

Being sensible about how and when to speak in certain situations is a useful skill to have in conflict control. In the industry, learning how to deescalate heated situations is a talent everyone has to learn. Mindfulness plays a big part in learning how to respond instead of reacting negatively as soon as you’re met with that kind of energy. When finances are involved, it can be easy to jump the gun and react on the offense; mindfulness helps one dial back and see problems from another angle.

This can also help one understand different people better. In business, meeting people from different backgrounds will be a norm, and it’s best to be prepared to know how to communicate effectively with as many of them as possible. Approaching a potential client who’s a little more reserved is different from speaking to a potential partner that loves making conversation.

Mindfulness in the business world can be such a lifesaver. You can always practice deep breathing when things get rough, but more importantly, practice self-awareness and always take the time to think things over.

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