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Boost Your Curb Appeal to Add Value to Your Property

One of the best ways to increase the value of any property is to make it more beautiful and appealing. This is why homeowners and commercial establishments spend a lot of money on landscaping and seasonal decorations. The effort and small investment pay off in the end because the better curb appeal your property has, the higher its market value is.

But do not worry; you do not have to spend thousands of dollars in one go. You can make these little home improvements a continuous project for you and your family to work on one section at a time. Here are a few great suggestions to try.

Paint the Doors

Adding a bright pop of colour to your doors is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your property. For homes with gray or white facades, painting the front and back doors red or blue will make it more inviting. Small touches, such as adding a floral wreath near the doorbell or a doorknocker and a couple of potted plants near the doorsteps make the house look more lived in and real.

This project will cost very little and will not take an entire day to accomplish. You can paint the doors on the weekend and allow it time to cure when you leave for work on Monday.

Tend to the Garage

The garage is usually considered a storage area or repository for unwanted or unused items, tools, furniture, toys, and equipment. Tidy up by donating still-usable items or storing them in a storage rental space so that you can make full use of your garage.

To create more space, you may also switch to a more efficient kind of garage door. Call for roller door service in Cairns for a quote and maximise the space in your garage. An automatic garage door will also be more convenient to use than a regular gate. This way, you will not have to get down from your vehicle whenever you want to get inside the garage. It also adds a layer of safety and security, especially if you come home late at night.

Tend the Lawn and the Flower Beds

flower bed

Plants, flowers, and  fruit-bearing trees make a property more valuable because of their beauty and practicality. Trees and shrubs add natural shade to the land and can be an anchor point for hammocks or other decorations like fairy lights.  Running a lawnmower once a week will keep the grass trimmed and neat.

Garden beds, on the other hand, show that the place has not only been lived on but was showered with much love and time by the people who lived there. Weeding out the flower and vegetable beds, adding mulch, and trimming and pruning all help make flowers and veggies thrive.

You can also plant pansies and petunias by buying them already in bloom and just transferring them to a prepared bed. They grow quickly and take very little to maintain.

These are just a few things you can do to make your house look more appealing and increase its property value. Always remember to keep everything clean and in good working condition inside and outside the house. Property appraisers and potential buyers will consider all of these.


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