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Better Car Care: Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance services are just some ways to keep your vehicle in good shape. In addition to this, these services identify issues that can create performance problems in the future. This allows you to speak with your mechanic on how to find the appropriate solutions. But even the most diligent car owner can overlook certain things.

Some car maintenance services take less precedence than others, like an oil change. But that doesn’t mean they are less important, especially since they can affect vital systems in your vehicle. Prevent the gradual wear that comes from overlooking these services by familiarizing yourself with them.

Car Maintenance Services You Might be Neglecting

As mentioned, routine maintenance, from a Subaru to a Ferrari, is one of the most common things any car owner will have scheduled annually. But there are certain things that are not included here that need to be checked regularly.

Keep your wheels aligned.

Typically, most mechanics do not offer wheel alignment services. This is often something you have to ask for specifically. Schedule it along with your next oil change to get it done. Improper alignment can lead to excessive fuel consumption and cause greater wear on your tires. The worst-case scenario with improper wheel alignment is that your tire can blow out while you’re driving.

Check your car battery.

auto mechanicCar owners are often advised not to touch their car’s battery. But this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore it. When you have your car serviced, ask your mechanic to inspect the battery, from its connection to its cleanliness. If you see powder or foam around its terminals, it’s a sign that the battery will need to be cleaned.

Replace your transmission fluid regularly.

Your transmission fluid will need to be changed as often as your engine’s oil. The warning signs of bad transmission include grinding sounds and fluid leakage. Check your transmission fluid with the dipstick near the back of your engine. If the levels are low, take it to your mechanic immediately.

Evaluate your headlights’ brilliance.

Your headlights will dim over time. This occurs for different reasons, from the bulb losing its brilliance from use to the casing becoming yellow and dirty. When this is left unaddressed, you impair your visibility at night and during bad weather conditions. Evaluate your headlights’ brilliance annually. When you see that it’s dimmer than usual, have your mechanic change it or clean it for better brightness.

Inspect your tire tread and inflation.

It’s more common to keep track of your tires’ tread levels than their inflation. But the latter is just as important for the vehicle’s performance and your safety when driving. Additionally, poorly inflated tires will wear out faster and use more fuel. When you check your treads, make sure you inspect your inflation as well. If it’s getting too flat, visit the gas station to fill it with the right amount of air.

It’s typical to overlook some maintenance services, especially when they are not part of your car’s regular routine. By practicing these tasks, they develop into habits that will be easier to remember the next time you have your car serviced.

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