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Best Things You Can Do in North Bay

North Bay in Ontario is a simple and small a city as you can find. There aren’t any buildings that are too tall, traffic isn’t as bad, and everyone is friendly. You would not think it, but many great experiences make the city worth visiting—and even living in. If you’re thinking of taking out one of many rental apartments in North Bay in Ontario, here are all the great experiences that you can enjoy. These range from the exciting and fun, to the natural and almost spiritual.

Skiing the Laurentian

If you’re one for a little adventure and fun in the snow, then North Bay offers a great skiing option for you in the Laurentian Ski Hill. This is a nonprofit, community managed property that offers over six different exciting runs, has three lifts, and an exhilarating three hundred foot drop. The biggest advantage that the Laurentian offers is that it isn’t nearly as crowded as other ski lodges out there while still offering excitement and fun for skiers of all skill levels and ages.

Hike the Trails

Another great outdoor activity offered in North Bay is great trail hikes through some of the region’s most beautiful natural terrain. The Laurier Woods Conservation Area offers miles and miles of trails through wetlands and upland forests all amid the splendor of the local protected fauna—including migrating birds. Apart from hiking, you are also most welcome to do wildlife photography so long as you’re conscientious not to disturb the animals in their natural environs. The best part is that all this is likely close to many rental apartments in North Bay in Ontario.

Relive Youthful Times


Remember when you were younger and enjoyed the carousel ride at the carnival or fair? That became a much rarer experience as times rolled on by. The Heritage Railway and Carousel Company offers one of the best-maintained carousels and train rides—for those younger in the family—by the waterfront of North Bay. This offers a touch of fun for the whole family. This is especially true if you have young kids. Not only is the ride very well maintained, but it’s also certified safe.

Chill on the Beach

Finally, for those who want to enjoy the simple pleasure of an afternoon on the beach, there’s one in North Bay that’s beautiful without ever suffering from overcrowding—Marathon Beach. This beautiful stretch of sand is well maintained and kept clean by the local community. This makes it perfect for afternoons when you just want to lounge around and maybe take in a good book. It’s not as commercialized as most other beaches either—allowing you to enjoy yourself however way you want.

Whether you’re staying for the season or are in it for the long haul, North Bay has much to offer anyone who visits. The key to having a great time in this quiet area of Ontario is to realize that it’s all about simpler, quieter, though nonetheless richer experiences. These are just a few of the many great vistas that North Bay has to give people.

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