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Australia: The Best Cities to Live In

Australia is a progressive country that offers multitudes of opportunities. Often called the Land Down Under, many people all over the world see this country as a potential residential address. If you wish to migrate or are already living there but want to move to a new city, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss four amazing Australian cities to live in. Before that, you have to make sure that you’re firm with your decision and mentally and financially ready for the big move.

Moving is time-consuming and stressful, entailing many tasks such as learning the laws of the state, ensuring legal compliance with taxing, hiring professional movers in Melbourne, and of course, packing. However, if your mind and body are all set for living the Aussie dream, then scroll along. Take notes and determine which city suits your lifestyle needs best.

Melbourne: For the Culture Lover

If you want to immerse in the Aussie culture, our top recommendation would be Melbourne — the country’s cultural capital. This multicultural city has arts and culture deeply integrated into its roots. If you live there, you’ll never face a shortage of festivals, restaurants, and of course, art museums.

There are also multiple types of neighbourhoods, from glamorous to kid-friendly, so you can find one that’s perfect for you. However, take note that Melbourne is quite an expensive place to live in, so assess your financial capacity and do extensive research on its employment market.

Sydney: For the Corporate Achiever

Looking for a new corporate landscape to conquer with your amazing skills set? Sydney may be the right location for you. This city is the biggest one in Australia, with a population of almost five million. It also houses many of the country’s most popular and iconic sights.

Sydney is ideal for workaholics and is deemed the central point of employment in Australia. It’s an economic power engine that offers seemingly limitless career opportunities, especially to those who specialize in creative work, communications technology, or finance. However, it’s vital to consider that Sydney has a high cost of living, with surging real estate prices.

Canberra: For the Family-oriented

If your entire family is coming with you, then Canberra will be your best bet. Despite being Australia’s inland capital, Canberra only has a population of fewer than 400,000 residents. With its lovely streets lined with trees, it also gives off a friendly suburb vibe that’s perfect for growing families.

Moreover, Canberra is home to many family-friendly destinations, such as Burley Griffin where you can enjoy having picnics and other fun activities with your kids. The best news is, unlike the first two locations, real estate is shockingly very affordable in Canberra, with its average house price going below the national average. So if your dream life is residing in a pretty home with a wholesome family, opt for Canberra.

Adelaide: For the Adventurous Foodie

 view of Adelaide City

If gustatory adventures are at the top of your priorities list, Adelaide will surely serve you well. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and widely recognized by foodies like yourself, as the ultimate gourmet paradise. Here, you can satisfy your taste buds with regional delicacies and wine. Similar to Canberra, it also has more of a town like than a glitzy feel and real estate is quite affordable as well. Adelaide also provides numerous work opportunities. If you’re skilled in the industries of education, manufacturing, and healthcare, landing a job will be a breeze.

In choosing a suitable place to move in, it’s indispensable that you evaluate your needs, preferences, and financial resources. Another important step is to do initial research.

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