Appreciating the Beauty of Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is a state with a reputation that precedes itself. Known for its cold weather and often brutal winters, the state isn’t in the top choice of tourists attractions by people who’d rather see the sun. However, there’s a lot more to Alaska as well as its cities and municipalities. Anchorage, for one, is a developed municipality with more than 300,000 residents.

The large population makes it a hub for commercial establishments, business hubs, and places for entertainment. Commercial landscaping services are required in these sites in Anchorage to make the area more appealing and inviting to visitors. There are plenty of things to see and experience here, whether your a local or a foreign tourist. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Chugach State Park

About seven miles from downtown Anchorage is the Chugach State Park. This is one of the four largest state parks in the United States. Most of its area is still within the boundaries of Anchorage. The state park is everything that an Alaskan state park should be — it is large, rugged, and bordered by water and mountains. The lakes, ice fields, and glaciers all pour out to Prince William Sound with its rugged shoreline. The park is bounded by the Chugach and Wrangell Mountains and the Alaska Range.

Riverside Alaska

It is not often that a state park is practically inside the municipality limits of a major urban center. The proximity of the state park to downtown Anchorage allows residents the luxury of enjoying the park amenities every day. The park’s natural vistas provide inspiration for any landscaping job in town.

Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo

Besides the beautiful outdoors, Anchorage is also home to plenty of museums. Although it is a relatively small museum, the Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo is full of interesting artifacts. The exhibit includes items from the Alaskan Gold Rush, native baskets, an extinct Woolly Mammoth tusk, rifles, a sea kayak and paintings by local artists.

The museum was acquired and expanded by Wells Fargo after it bought a local bank. All the exhibits are in one room. Alaskan heritage is on display from prehistoric animals, indigenous peoples and their culture. The state’s natural richness reflects on the museum exhibits.

Like most of Alaska, Anchorage is understated and low key, but has a large land area. Eagle River is a flourishing shopping hub connecting Anchorage with Palmer and Wasilla. If the community was not attached to Anchorage, it could easily have been one of the five largest cities in the state. This is the commercial and shopping center of Anchorage. Restaurants, malls, medical and dental clinics are also located in Eagle River.

Anchorage enjoys spring and summer as much as other states do. Although the weather is a little colder, this makes the people appreciate the warm weather more. Due to this, landscaping is taken more seriously. Commercial establishments know that they can attract more customers with more greenery in their open spaces. Landscaping deserves the attention it attracts because the natural beauty of Alaska can be overwhelming.

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