An Effective Undertaking: The Qualities of a Good Integrated Marketing Campaign

Gone are the days when people will only communicate their advertisement through a singular medium. As technology changes the marketing world, many experts realize they could use multiple media channels to their advantage. This does not only help extend their reach but also allows them to manage their marketing budget effectively. This use of multiple channels to advertise a single message is often called an integrated marketing communications campaign.  

If you are quite a newbie here, integrated marketing simply means utilizing different platforms to make sure a wide range of audience can see your message. Before you initiate such a campaign, you need to recognize a few of its characteristics.  Below are some of them, as recommended by a leading integrated marketing agency. Study these characteristics and use them as your standards.

It has a big idea

In the world of marketing and advertising, practitioners come up with a concept called the “big idea.” In layman’s term, the big idea is basically the theme of the campaign. The messaging is dependent on it. All the materials, stories, and aesthetics of the campaign will be hinged on this theme. In a nutshell, the big idea is the chain that links all your materials together, so that your audience can view them as one.

It can expand

When the big idea of an integrated marketing communication campaign is really “big,” the messaging can be easily cascaded across different materials. The number of materials you can use can serve as a barometer for the scalability of your campaign. The more media channels you can utilize, the better. You can work with a media agency to find out which materials best suit your campaign or which platforms are frequently used by your target audience.

It is enduring

Great integrated marketing campaigns are continuous. It is self-sustaining, unlike campaigns hinged only on what’s trending. It is relevant, regardless of the time it is being implemented. With evergreen messaging, the campaign can reach generations after generations, solidifying your brand image among the public.

It helps increase sales

One obvious characteristic (or result) of a great marketing campaign is the increase in sales. Compare the spike in sales your business has seen in conjunction with the release of your integrated marketing campaign. To make sure your records and data are accurate, you can work with a reliable business intelligence firm.

With the proliferation of various communication channels both online and offline, many marketers find an opportunity to extend their reach with multiple platforms. This also addresses the changing behaviors of consumers as they utilize different devices and platforms for different activities, such as shopping, socializing with friends, working on office projects, or pursuing a hobby. With an integrated marketing campaign, you can catch your target audience at every possible customer touchpoint.

If you want your campaign to be successful, one thing to remember is to keep your messaging consistent. It will also help if you work with an advertising or branding agency that specializes in integrated marketing communication.

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