4 Advantages of Having Living Walls in the Office

Offices are traditionally very bland and boring. The design of offices is meant to curb distractions and, therefore, increase productivity. However, that rarely happens.

Office design can cause stress, and they don’t inspire creativity. Moreover, people become unhappy which leads to loss of motivation and a high employee turnover rate.

Living walls are a good way to fix all of the above, and here are five reasons why having them in your office is beneficial. Adding living walls to spaces can help solve many of the problems that occur with the traditional office design.

Living walls are plants that are attached to surfaces, such as walls or roofs. They have many benefits for the space they occupy.

Better Air Quality

Living walls improve the indoor air quality by cleaning and humidifying it. Since they are attached to surfaces, they typically drain from the bottom, bringing any dirt or dust that accumulates down with them.

In this way, living walls clean the air for people occupying spaces indoors. They also add humidity to a space which can help with respiratory issues that often plague the occupants of office buildings.

Sick Building Syndrome is an illness affecting more and more people throughout the world. A study found that office workers’ health is severely impacted by the indoor environmental factors of a building.

In many cases, these issues can be linked to the lack of natural elements in an interior environment such as having no fresh air. Living walls serve as a way to add some nature without taking up a lot of space.

Insulating Properties from Noise and Temperature

In addition to cleaning and humidifying the air, living walls help to insulate from sound and extreme temperatures. The purpose of an office is for employees to have a quiet, productive space.

In many cases, this isn’t possible because of the noise levels that build up in the course of daily business. Living walls can help with this as their leaves can trap sound waves.

They also shade a space from direct sunlight and keep it cool in the summer, which is a problem with many office designs.

Aesthetic Appeal

office plants

The next reason to have living walls in your office is that they can make an otherwise dull environment more interesting.

Office spaces are grey and white with few decorations. This is because decoration can be a distraction in the pursuit of productivity.

Living walls are green and full of life which makes your office space more visually appealing. An office should be something people enjoy spending time in, not just where they go for eight hours a day to work. It can be an important part of helping employees feel inspired or even just less stressed at their workplace.

Improved Concentration and Productivity

A final reason to consider having living walls in your office is that they can improve concentration and productivity. Many people go home from work exhausted because their environment was draining.

Living walls help to reduce fatigue by adding oxygen to space and encouraging relaxation when you look at them. They also add an element of nature that helps people feel more grounded and less stressed.

Living walls are great for offices because they improve indoor air quality, insulate against noise or extreme temperatures, look great, boost productivity, and promote overall wellness. If you’re looking for ways to improve your office space, consider adding a living wall!

How to Create a Living Wall

You can have a living wall indoors or outdoors. In order to create a living wall, you first have to choose a surface that can handle the weight of the soil and plants.

The best surfaces are smooth ones such as concrete, wood, or metal. You can also use stucco, brick, or cinder blocks. If your chosen surface is outside, you’ll need to make sure it gets plenty of light and has all the nutrients living plants need. You also may need paving services for walkways and driveways.

Some other things you need are plants, growing mediums, and irrigation. You want to choose plants that are native to your region so they will be able to survive without added nutrients or watering. This is because the soil will get dirty quickly once it’s being watered by the plants themselves.

You also need a drainage system because excess water has to be able to flow out of the growing medium. This is important to remember if you’re planning on installing your living wall somewhere that gets rained on often or where there are heavy winds.

Living walls can bring many benefits to an office space. If you’re looking for ways to improve your office space, consider adding a living wall!

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