7 Car Parts that You Probably Need to Replace

Your car can cost a lot of money when you first buy it. However, it can cost you a lot more with maintenance fees and repair services. This is why it’s best to develop a preventive car care plan, including replacing some parts. Here are the ones that you should look into:


Tires usually have a maximum life span of five years, under normal circumstances. This number can be significantly reduced if you don’t keep your tires properly rotated and inflated.

If you do take care of them, then changing your tires every five years doesn’t sound so bad. There are many service providers and vendors of parts for brands such as Skoda if you’re looking for them.

AC Filter

AC filters help remove air contaminants within the vehicle. They have to be replaced every six months or at least once a year to keep them clean and functional. If you don’t do that, then you could be exposing yourself and your passengers to harmful smog and unpleasant smells.

Fan belt

A squeaking sound in your car is a sign that the fan belt needs to be replaced. This belt is a fragile rubber band that helps run your steering power. If it breaks down, you could find yourself stuck on the side of the road. So, next time when you drive, make sure to listen for a squeaking sound and get the belt replaced immediately.

Air filter


Clean and constant airflow is necessary to keep your engine running smoothly. This is why your car’s engine has an air filter that keeps away airborne particles. As a result, your motor can more efficiently burn fuel.

Replacing your air filter is quick, easy, and cheap. You should do it every six months or risk having to pay for more in engine repair.


Regular checking of your vehicle’s coolant is necessary to make sure that it’s at an appropriate level. If you see that it’s low, fill it up right away, or else you could end up stranded somewhere.

Your engine can overheat and bring your car to a complete halt. Plus, if the problem is left unattended, your vehicle could wind up in the shop.

Fuel filter

If your engine frequently stalls or freezes up on you, then you could be looking at an issue with your fuel filter. You may need to replace it to make sure that your fuel is entirely free from impurities.

A properly functioning filter helps your engine to be more responsive, which is why it must keep on working correctly. It can be changed once every year or in two years, depending on the observed wear and tear.

Oil and filter for your engine

The oil in your engine is a crucial lubricant that allows all of your car parts to function smoothly. After some time, the oil can become dirty and cloudy due to contaminants and other types of small debris.

For this reason, your car has an oil filter that keeps the oil pure for as much as possible. As a result, the oil is useful for a much longer period. However, every six months, you will need to replace both your oil and your filter.

A car can already be a costly investment, especially since it’s a daily necessity. However, you could end up paying more for it if you don’t take proper measures for care, including the replacement of individual parts.

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