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4 Industrial Shredders You Might Need for Waste Management

The generation of waste is, unfortunately, an eventuality in all kinds of industrial and residential processes. This is why getting an efficient solution for the management of municipal and industrial waste is a crucial part of eco-conservation. Many machines will be used in the management of all the types of waste you generate, and one of them is an industrial shredding machine.

This machine handles all types of solid material shredding, although the most common are mattress, tire, plastic, and paper shredding services. These are designed to decrease the mass of the waste collected and ease their transportation, recycling, and disposal when done on site. Large shredding machines are found in landfills where they compact large amounts of waste, speed the decomposition of decomposable waste, and reduce the waste volume of the materials which needs processing.

Plastic Shredders

These are further categorised into chippers, granulators, shear shredders, hammer mills, and grinders.

Grinders are used to pulverise paper waste, while chippers reduce the waste into chips or flakes. Hammer mills, on the other hand, will shatter materials while granulators will crush waste into fine particles. These shredders are built for high-volume shredding and are generally used to minimise large volumes of waste paper and those containing sensitive information.

Tire Shredders


These are used in the recycling of old vehicle tires, rubberised asphalt, and boiler fuels among other relevant materials. Tire shredders are categorised based on their use.

Shear shredders use a two-shaft mechanism that contains rotary knives and are used for low-speed shredding. Specialty shredders are customised to cut tires under high torque into small pieces. Chippers will cut the tires into chips using drums, knives, and wheels, while granulators use high-speed blades to transform the tires into fine particles.

Plastic Shredders

These are also classified into granulators, hammer mills, grinders, chippers, and shear shredders based on their mode of action for compacting waste. Though used for plastic, the same shredders suffice for wood waste. An all-purpose plastic shredder is designed for the reduction of oversized plastic waste like tanks.

Mattress Shredders

Mattresses include various types of materials in their composition including latex, fabric, wood, springs, and foam, so they have specified machinery for shredding. The dimensions of mattresses also make it a challenge to feed them into regularly-sized machines.

Mattress shredders are designed with a half-cutting effect and a high torque to maximise the number of materials they can shred per hour and feature multiple pre-programmed possibilities to optimise their efficiency.

In an eco-conscious world, the above waste shredders play a crucial role in minimising the amount of waste in the environment. As such, more industries and municipals are opting to buy them rather than outsource their waste management to an agency. The shredders, however, need a skilled workforce to operate and maintain, take up considerable land space, and have high upfront costs. Getting all types of industrial waste shredders, however, can be an overkill for most municipalities and industries, so the cost-efficient solution is to find an outsourced waste management company.

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