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4 Aspects of Remarkable Commercial Parking Lot Paving

parking lotA commercial parking lot is critical to attracting and retaining clients. It is the first area of contact clients have with your business. Thus, it should have the capacity to handle excess weight from vehicles and heavy traffic. Paving installation, however, is not a job for anyone. Most driveways run into problems because contractors hastily complete the installation. Taking shortcuts with it is the greatest culprit.

Would you like to expand, repair, or build a new commercial parking lot paving? Then you must be wondering what characteristics define a remarkable paving job. Learn more below:

What makes up a good commercial parking lot?

There are many qualities of good pavements for a parking space. Generally, they fall into four classes:

  • Proper base and sub-grade

The sub-base is the most critical part of a parking space. Poor gravel foundation is the reason most pavements buckle under heavy traffic weight. Installing a strong gravel base requires precision and high-level experience.

You may have the best asphalt, but your parking lot is doomed for failure if the subgrade and aggregate base are not prepared well. Remember that this is the foundation. The entire parking lot, or a part of it, might fail prematurely if the foundation is weak.

  • Built to last

While the asphalt is still fresh, there is a need to create sharp edging and an even surface. Experienced workers do this by using plate compactors and hand rollers. These are the details that contribute to a long-lasting commercial parking lot.

A competent contractor uses precision techniques and advanced equipment to add details. From laying gravel foundations and installing drainage to integrating the existing pavement, no job is too small for an experienced contractor.

  • Smooth transition from old to new

Suppose you want to integrate the existing paving into a refurbished surface, or maybe you need an expansion of the existing parking lot. It is imperative for the old pavement to smoothly transition into a new one. Otherwise, it might look like a conflicting design.

Are you aware of the needs of your new parking lot? This involves matters, such as seal coating, drainage, and preventative maintenance. This is where a paving contractor comes in. They will advise you on how concrete or asphalt can be added to an existing surface. Are there any issues in the existing pavements? Discuss them with the contractor so they can resolve the issue in good time.

  • Carefully-designed drainage system

Rainwater should run to a safe place. Proper drainage prevents still water from accumulating on the parking space. If left unattended, it can damage the surface in the long term.

Ready to have your parking lot installed?

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An evenly-paved parking area tells your customers how much you value their patronage. Contact an expert contractor for more information about commercial paving. You might want to read testimonials and check their gallery to make an informed decision.

For professional parking lot expansion, outsourced pavement installation is the best option. A trusted company is licensed, insured and bonded, with many years of experience.


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